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Apr 3, 2009 06:25 AM

Best BBQ on long island?

What is the best BBQ place on Long island? i've been to many so far, and the best one i've come across is RUBY's in East Meadow.

anyone have any other good ones?

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  1. I like Smokin' Al's in Bayshore for their beef ribs. For large size pork spare ribs, I like "The Spare Rib" in Commack. Ate at Adam's Rib in Babylon and they gave you a monster portion of good ribs, and this was for the half rack.


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    1. That is the equivalent of asking who has the best clam chowder in Texas. The state of bbq is so bad on LI that of all the places mentioned (exception Adams Rib, simply because i've never eaten there) , Famous Daves blows them all away. Us LIers have a fault that if an alleged bbq joint has good cole slaw and macaroni and cheese it qualifies as a 'que landmark. Thank God in a few weeks the offset and the bullet will come out of winter hibernation.

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        *Famous Dave*??? That's the Olive Garden of BBQ.

      2. Haven't tried all these newer places, but we do like Townline BBQ in Sagaponack. And not just for their side dishes, which are great in their own right.

        1. The best BBQ without going into the city is at Swingbelly's.

          Give them a shot.

          Sadly, the quality of Long Island 'Q peaked about 2 years ago and has now dipped to dismal lows.

          You'd probably be much better off judging BBQ competitions or bribing a friend with a smoker.

          There was a grilling competition in Brooklyn last weekend. There is a BBQ competition in Brentwood the week after next and there is the big NY State Championships in Sayville in the fall.

          Wouldn't it be great if Hill Country, RUB or Daisy May's opened a Long Island adjunct?


          Oh, and I don't know when the last time you were at Ruby's was, but they are horrible.

          Check out for reviews of BBQ places from Maine to NY.

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          1. re: motoeric

            where and when is the competition in brentwood? how do these things work, does everybody get to try the food or only the judges? I've never been to a competition.

            i smoke on a weber kettle, been successful with the taste and texture on pulled pork and wings, and i've made pretty good tasting ribs too, but can't seem to get the texture right. i'd like to see what other people are doing with there own equipment.

            1. re: jpf1980


              usually food is only available from vendors, although i haven't heard of any vending at this event.

              1. re: csweeny

                I saw no attendee information. Is there any reason for a non-competitor to go?

                1. re: Scott_R

                  other than to rub shoulders, hang out and maybe sample some friendly teams 'q probably not. This is a small event of friends of the propriator of the late great Willie B's of Bayshore and another online forum. If you come by stop by Where's Willie Q's pit and say hello.

                  1. re: Scott_R

                    Most competitions are built to entice public attendance (thereby making $). This event is more about sharing knowledge and the community of BBQ fans.

                    You can absolutely show up and hang out. Ask a few questions, shake a few hands and say 'hi'.

                    Most competitions do not have food from the competitors available for the public. Tasting and evaluating that food is usually to sole province of the judges. The reasons for this are twofold. First off, the teams don't necessarily have a license from the Board of Health and CAN'T give away food to the public. Second, it would be completely unreasonable to expect competitors to travel a great distance and spend a great deal of money to feed the public.

                    There are usually BBQ vendors at contests that are there for the public. They are usually quite good and are often former (or current) competitors who have segued into catering.

                    Definitely come down and say hi!