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Apr 3, 2009 06:02 AM

UWS, here I come!

Hello all,
I am moving to the UWS (80's and CPW) next week from midtown east, BIG change. Can anyone recommend some great restaurants in the area? I know about Barney Greengrass, Popover Cafe, Good enough to eat, etc for brunch...looking for good places for dinner.


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    1. Welcome to the UWS!
      Here are some of my faves -
      Spiga (itlaian/eclectic-84th Betw Amst &Bway),
      Celeste (Italian-Amst betw 84th&85th),
      Gabriellas (fun casual Mexican on Col by 94th)
      Yuki Sushi on Amst and 92nd as well as its sister restaurant Kouzan on Amst and 93rd)
      Asiakan (Asian fusion on Amst/95th)
      Ouest (B-way/84th)
      Epices du Traiteur (Tunisian) 70th/Columbus)
      Hummus place (lunch - Amst 74th)
      Land (Thai - Amst/81st)
      Kefi (Greek-Col/84th&85th),
      Nice matin (French -79th and Amst)
      La Rural (tiny Argentinian on Amst and 97th)
      Compass (70th betw Amst & WEA)
      Pio Pio for inexpensive but yummy rotisserie chicken takout (the restaurant can be VERY loud)
      Bodrun (Turkish - Amst/88th)

      If I think of more, I'll let you know.

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          In addition to these restaurants, where can I get the best sushi on the UWS?

          1. re: lildiss73

            Gari, which will be a mere few blocks away.

      1. Not to be forgotten if you're a wine person, landmarc in the time warner building. One of if not the most reasonable priced wine list in the city.

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