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Apr 3, 2009 04:28 AM

Looking for bourbon

I'm looking for a bottle of Woodford Reserve Sonoma-Cutrer Finish bourbon. Does anyone have a clue where I might find one.

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  1. check the bar bourbon in adams morgan, they have a huge selection

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    1. re: littlew1ng

      I'm looking to buy a bottle, not a shot.

      1. re: hotel

        i'm sure you could get bottle service there. you would have to drink it all at once, obviously, but that could be fine with a large group

        1. re: littlew1ng

          I don't want to sit down and pound a bottle of bourbon thats going for 250 dollars on ebay. I want to have a glass every once in a while in the comfort of my home.

          That being said, I have checked Bourbon in Glover Park, they don't have it. Talula in Alexandria has it for 20 dollars a shot.