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Apr 2, 2009 11:53 PM

New Orleans LA

Any suggestions for "must go to" restaurants/diners for hometown cooking and specialties. We're heading South mid May for a week with walking shoes on. Working at Mirepoix Cooking School in Royal Oak sure has cultivated my palate!

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  1. Clover Grill, Elizabeths, Willie Mae's Scotch house, Dookie Chase(used to be wonderful Pre-K, but not certain what their hours are currently). So many options! If you read through the different threads on this page I am sure others have different suggestions. Good luck and enjoy!

    1. Also Joey Ks on Magazine Street is great "homecooking"

      1. If the timing was right and your shoe collection included something to not completely stand out in, you could go to the New Orleans Wine and Food Experience and hit one of their Grand Tastings.

        Of course, this would be the "fancier" side of "hometown cooking and specialties," but nonetheless...


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          Ahhh - The Grand Tasting - I've already volunteered to work Food and Wine Festival one morning. Thaks for the suggestion!