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Apr 2, 2009 09:58 PM

After visiting the Yankees new home

The new Yankee Stadium is a magnificent place with a fair amount of decent chow to be had but be warned that prices are a little steep. They do accept credit cards IIRC, and ATM's are available if you need additional cash. My Nathan's hotdog was $6, soda was $5, beer was $10, and parking was a whopping $32. We drove around for 30 mins and scored a spot on the street. Thirty-two dollars wasn't meant to be forked over to a valet on this day IMO.

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  1. I was there yesterday as well. While they do have a decent amount of different food, it doesn't look like it will be able to match Citi Field's options. Regardless, huge improvement from the old stadium in both quality and selection of food. I had a Nathan's hot dog (good as expected) $6, a pulled pork sandwich from Brother Jimmy's $10 (this wasn't that great, the meat was dry and bland, even after putting on some BBQ sauce), the garlic fries, can't remember the price (a LOT of garlic, I was still tasting it hours later, but not bad), and finally chicken fingers $7.50 (pretty good but the ones in the old stadium were better).

    1. After leaving the house that George built, I sought more *reasonably* priced food and opted to make my selections with comida latina in mind. A visit to El Nuevo Bohio on Webster Avenue is just what would satisfy. Their steam table selections are some of the best around with PLENTY to choose from, and always fresh. If you like mondongo, they have a fairly good one here, and their specialty is lechón asado.

      El Nuevo Bohio
      1155 Webster Avenue
      Bronx, NY 10456

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        Thanks for the tip! Always good to have authentic food with normal prices before/after a game

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          Gerald Ave has some decent restaurants, and friends of mine love Stadium Pizza on 157th St. They have pizza and lots of cuban options

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            I think you mean Gerard Ave. And the highlight of Gerard Ave. is certainly The Feeding Tree, a fine Jamaican restaurant that does both take-out and eat-in.
            It's been discussed many times before on this forum, so just search for it, or click on this link:


            It is 2 blocks from Gate 2 of the new Yankee Stadium.

            BTW, I was at Saturday's exhibition game and took a walking tour of food concessions. Agree that prices are steep, but saw good Italian from the deli on Arthur Ave., good sushi and a kids food concession with PB&J for $4...seems cheap and nourishing! Wish they could have sold the pizza concession to a quality pizza joint, instead of the mass-produced stuff I saw coming out. Made-to-order burritos also looked good. Photos below: Italian, Alma, the Burrito Lady, and Sushi Chefs in Yankee caps.

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              yes, I meant Gerard. Thanks. you're right about the pizza.
              long lines for garlic fries, which are ok, but not as good as they smell, heavy oil, and a small portion relative to garlic fries in other ballparks.
              what's great is the variety of concessions in the grandstand (aka tier),

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        1. I think the area immediately surrounding Yankee stadium is pretty much a chow-wasteland. Go visit that shopping mall food court near the courthouse and you'll see what I mean. Its basically terrible suburban mall food somehow magically transported to the South Bronx.

          I have to make visits to the Bronx courthouse somewhat frequently and am always at a loss as to what to eat for lunch. Puerto Rican or Dominican food would probably be a good bet.

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            Have you sampled the steam table selection at Chris Super Deli yet?
            I found that it's best if you can get there before most of the other lunchgoers, this way you can be the first to dive in.

            Chris Super Deli
            903 Sheridan Ave, Bronx, NY 10451

          2. The Lobel's Meats food stand along the left field line field concourse has a great prime beef sandwich at $15. it is outstanding, beautifully marbled and very generous with the beef. the roll is excellent and holds up well to the au jus. with beer at $9 and a mediocre carl's cheesesteak at $12 this hefty sandwich may be the best value in the stadium. its the only item i have ever had in a stadium that is equal or better to what i have had at a sitdown restaurant.

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              I saw it on my stroll around the stadium yesterday. It looked mouth wateringly delicious. I will try my next time game. This time I decided to try Mike's Deli eggplant parm hero, which was just ok, not enough cheese for my taste but it was warm. Also noticed people eating from the boars head deli. The sandwiches were very thick and looked great, but for $10+, if I'm craving a boars head sandwich I'll make my own and bring from home.

              1. re: jinglejangle

                Been to 2 games so far and sampled a lot of the offerings. First off the stadium is great- a freedom to move around and experience the game nowhere similar to the old stadium. And the guards don't ask you to move when you're standing in the common areas.

                Foodwise I wasn't too excited based on what I read and after trying a decent amount I'm not that impressed. Luckily I enjoy baseball too much to let this get me down. Favorite dish was the Moe's Southwest Grill Billy Barou Nachos for $9. Tortilla chips with beef, salsa, sour cream, a white cheese sauce, olives, and jalapenos. I've had it 4 times already- a little messy but the ground beef was flavored well and the chips crunchy. The garlic fries were OD on garlic. The cuban sandwich was mediocre- just wanted to try a cuban at the stadium. Also wanted to try Asian so we got the pork dumplings- 4 for $6 and the pan fried chicken noodle bowl was $8.50. Dumplings were typical doughy half moons and the noodle bowl was decent with fresh vegetables. Final meal was the Lobel's prime beef sandwich for $15. Very good- a heap of moist beef piled on a cheese bun(?). No gristle- very good quality. Had most of the other food before- Carl's and so on. The chicken fingers look much better this year. Bottled beers- Heiny, Becks, Stella etc are $8.50 but for $11 you can get a 24 oz cup of Stella, Becks, Heiny, and Guiness as long as the kegs are full- way too many empties so far. Seems like every stationary stand accepts cards - if you rather use cash be warned that ATMs aren't as easy to find as you might think. I'm in the process of writing a thorough post with photos and more info.

                $12 Boar's Head sandwiches are crazy- for $5 you can get a great sandwich at the Banana Deli next to Jeans Plus on 161st. I fully agree with Feeding Tree- I go there during the off season. Paula's Pizza offers a decent slice and Molino Rojo is serviceable if I remember correctly.