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Apr 2, 2009 09:21 PM

Mother's Day/ Graduation WAY in advance!

May 10th promises to be a very special day for my family. In addition to celebrating Mother's Day with my mother (who recently survived an aneurysm), and my two grandmothers (ages 92 and 86), I will be graduating with my second master's degree from LMU. I would like to organize a lovely brunch/ lunch for six of us for after the ceremony to celebrate.

Location: Anywhere from Beverly Hills to the Beach (but we are flexible)

Price: Would prefer not to be gouged since it's Mother's Day, but I'm willing to pay for outstanding food for this special occasion.

Cuisine: Anything but Mexican or Middle Eastern. We are all foodies, and very adventurous (even the grandmothers)!

I know it's early, but I'm trying to get all my ducks in a row.

Thanks in advance for your help!

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  1. Cafe Del Rey might be an excellent choice -- Easy accessibility on Admiralty Way in Marina Del Rey, easy valet parking, very nice place with views of the boats, and good if pricey food. Many people like it best at brunch. Menus with prices are available on its website.

    There are a number of good places, many with garden settings, on Abbott Kinney in Venice. Gjelina is among the hottest and newest, and the food is excellent. The problem there is that it is very popular, they don't have their own valet parking, and some of the seating is very low, cushioned and uncomfortable. Joe's might be a possibility.

    Obviously, there are all of the cushy hotels on and around the beach in Santa Monica -- I just have to think that on Mother's Day -- also known as amateur hour -- they will be even more crowded, hassle, and ripoff than they usually are.

    1. Hoboken in West LA does a really nice Mother's Day Brunch. It is the only day of the year they open for it!

      1. That is so awesome!!

        Give your grandmas a treat and take them to either Shutters on the Beach (1Pico, Santa monica) or Casa del Mar, at Catch, across the street (Pico).

        Both have outstanding views of the beach and really good food, Catch having some great seafood and crudo & sushi. They will love the rooms, view and food. Well worth it and not too outrageously priced.

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          Beware. These are the high-priced, popular upscale beach hotels that on Easter or especially Mother's Day will have limited set menus, multiple seatings, crowds, delays, families splitting checks six ways, and extraordinarily amateurish service. You may luck out with an edible dish or so, and you probably will emerge with some unbelievable stories for the "Not About Food" board. But I would be staying as far as possible from places like this for Mother's Day brunch.

          1. re: nosh

            second everything nosh says here.

        2. It's a little east of where you requested and may not be ethnic enough for you but when it comes to hands down goooood food, I recommend Campanile. They always do a beautiful brunch and everything from the food to the ambiance is soooo well done.