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Apr 2, 2009 09:02 PM

Whats good @ gotham b&g these days?

Its been a while since I've been here, though I've always had great service/food. For those that have been there recently what have you loved?

I'm lucky that someone special is taking me for my birthday

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  1. hands down the best lamb chops in the city. if they have the prawn risotto, get it.

    1. I was there in Jan with a group of 6 and it seemed like everyone genuinely enjoyed their meals (you never know since it's quite unclassy to say that you hate your dish in front of a group). 2 guys ordered steak (special of the must have been really special b/c it was double the price of the steak on the menu), 2 people ordered the cod, I ordered the duck, and someone else ordered a non-menu item pasta. My husband said the duck was better than his cod. I would agree. I ordered the non-menu pasta as my first course, which was fantastic (sauce was some sort of hearty ragu...veal or lamb). I can't remember any of the other appetizers ordered. Enjoy your dinner there!

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        again...lamb chops and whatever the risotto dish is on the day you go. for me, the steak is ok...if you want the best steak, just go cross the street to strip house. the duck is good there but nothing to write home about. if they have the hamachi carpaccio for appetizer, get it. very good.

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          thanks for all the advice guys, the meal was great as expected.