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Apr 2, 2009 08:52 PM

Anything new in Monmouth County?

OK... I am clearly going over the edge....maybe some "newbies" can point out a great place!

I am soooo tired of the same old stuff.....anyone????? (I know RGR, bgut1, and seal...nothing...but can't a girl dream?????)

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  1. There are two relatively new restaurants on the Boardwalk in Asbury. I've been to both only once, and enjoyed them:
    LANGOSTA LOUNGE (Mexican, carribean +) and STELLA MARINA (italian)

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    1. re: SusieQQ

      I rarely got to Asbury, but I have a friend who lives close by there, so maybe I will tell her about Langosta Lounge! (I like the name! :)

      1. re: Angelina

        I've had two meals (dinner and brunch) at Langosta this year and both were pretty enjoyable. I posted the reviews here on the board. I second the recommendation.

    2. I was recently speaking with a restaurant owner we know about, given the state of the economy for the past 18 months, how many new places were willing to try. Here's a few posts from the past week:

      Then there are all the established places that change their menu seasonally to keep things fresh. I would think one could eat out at only Trinity, Nicholas, Drew's, or one or two others, twice a week for a season and never repeat a dish - hardly the same old stuff!

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      1. re: MGZ

        Thanks so much for the links, MGZ! I have yet to get myself to Trinity. Forgot about that place! Thanks again!!

        1. re: val ann c

          No I have not, val...but you are the one that sent me to Belford Bistro..after I read your glowing review...and we love that place.

          I will have to check this out! Thanks!

          1. re: Angelina

            Diaz is very small and casual. It's a neighborhood place where people come in off the street to hang out and chat. I think the food is excellent. The owner is skilled and passionate about food.

            I'm glad you like Belford Bistro. Me too! Had a great dinner just a few days ago.

            1. re: val ann c

              My vote for best new restaurant is Stella Marina. Start (or end) the night with a drink at Watermark (next door) and you have the perfect evening. Good Luck.

            2. re: Angelina

              Val and Angelina,

              I never looked at that thread before, but it appears this is the same Diaz family who previously had a restaurant in Avon, then moved to Asbury Park and, subsequently, closed. We ate once in the Avon location, and the food was delicious. Lovely people! I'm happy to hear that they're back and hope to get to their place in Long Branch soon.

              1. re: RGR

                Our table had their photo taken and posted on the back wall of Diaz' place in Avon. Have yet to hit the place in Long Branch but am looking forward to it...

          2. just wanted to say we went to diaz flavor this past saturday after it kept popping up on chowhound...loved it!..right up my alley..all about the food..everyone was really nice, friendly, service great...hard not to be attentive in a place that size...started with the mofungo which was best i've had..then had the skirt steak which was like butter with tostones on the friend had the chicken breast in garlic with rice and beans on the side but managed to help with my steak..thought prices were reasonable and i am excited to go back and try several other things on the menu...

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            1. re: mindy

              Had dinner at Diaz Flavor last week and it still has the touch Diaz had in Avon. Left a Pic of the meal on the "Diaz Back" thread...


              Also had lunch at Niko's Trapezi Greek Grill in Long Branch over the weekend and it too was excellent...


              Both these places can take an honored place on the "Something New" list...