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Apr 2, 2009 06:56 PM

Hendersonville, NC recs?

I'll be visiting Hendersonville this weekend. I'm not very familar with the town, as I usually go to Asheville. I'm looking for a good dinner spot for Saturday night, and a good breakfast/brunch spot on Sunday. In searching the board, it sounds like W. 1st and Sq. 1 might be good dinner choices? Any other suggestions for dinner? Sunday breakfast?


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  1. You might want to try the Bistro at 5th and Main (good value and great food) or Flight (up-scale and pricey, but good). For Sunday brunch, try Inn on Church.

    West First does an excellent job but is more casual (fantastic pizza) and don't know too much about Square One.

    1. For dinner, I think Cypress Cellar is always good or Hannah Flannagans for more of a bar atmosphere. For brunch, I would say Season's at Highland Lake Inn.

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      1. re: Ursa

        I really enjoy the Cypress Cellar. I go everytime I am in H'ville.

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          Season's has extended their lower ($19.99) Sunday Brunch Buffet through April. Here's the menu:

        2. I second the West First rec. Their homemade pasta dishes are awesome as well. As for Square One, are they still open? (I heard they have been struggling lately.)

          Steer clear of Hannah Flannagan's if cigarette smoke bothers you! (The food's just average, too.)

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            Hannah Flanagan's has expanded, adding a new non-smoking section next door to the original space.

          2. West First Pizza is great--depending on what time you arrive, you may have to wait in line or at the bar, though. I like Never Blue (on Main Street)--innovative cuisine with a twist on their cup of tea (try it!).

            1. My top three would be Sq 1, NeverBlue & Flight. West 1st is great, but very casual.
              Sq 1 - consistent american bistro type food. The chef is into meats, makes his own sausages and cures his own corn beef.
              NeverBlue (two doors south of Sq 1) - has lots of interesting small plates that are a great value. The cuban sandwich is pure Tampa. Cocktails are innovative and fun.
              Flight - consistent, higher end, good wine list, pricey and in a very interesting space.
              Breakfast - there's a soda fountain at Main & 3rd called Mike's on Main. A friend swears by their breakfasts, but I haven't tried it yet.
              You may also want to check out the Hendersonville Epicurean blog - lots of good info about local restaurants ~ http://hendersonvilleepicurean.blogsp...
              Downtown should be real pretty right now - the tulips are popping.


              ps....consider this - appetizers at one place, dinner at another and dessert at a third.

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                Oh, and decent sushi in a classy-casual atmosphere at Umi.

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                  I need to try Never Blue! What else do you like there?

                  1. re: Jeff C.

                    Everything I've had at Never Blue has been terrific, Jeff. Jumping right to desserts - huge and the best! Owner Jesse Roque makes everything from scratch, even her base syrups for cocktails.

                    1. re: 1reachme

                      Yum! I may try to go this weekend.

                      1. re: Jeff C.

                        I agree on the cocktails. different and SO gooooood. A little pricey for this cheap Yankee, but they are fantastic. Had one over Valentine's day (I think it's still on the menu under a different name) that had muddled strawberries, strawberry and mango liquors and some other stuff I can't remember. So good!

                    2. re: Jeff C.

                      I usually get three small plates - which is one too many, but I can't resist. Wild mushrooms, taco cubano (chicken) and tostada pork carnitas are my current favorites. I keep trying to get the mariquitas, but they've never had them when I'm there. Salads are good - greek is very refreshing. The drunken fish (basically fish & chips) is the favorite of a friend. I"m not thrilled with their flatbreads - especially w/ West 1st right around the corner.

                      I forgot about Umi - that's excellent too.

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                      Tulips ARE popping on Main Street! I was just there today, but didn't have time to take photos.