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Apr 2, 2009 06:27 PM

The Seder's ready to go, but where can I buy a great Seder plate?

I moved to L.A. about 3.5 years ago, and I've managed to organize a red meat-free Seder for the second year in a row. Everyone's RSVPd, we're all planning to bring something (with help from the CHOW boards!), but I forgot exactly what I forgot last year -- I don't own a Seder plate! (I suppose a part of my brain is still at my parents' house, where all the Seder plates live, too.) Can anyone suggest a hip, not necessarily pricey, progressive place in L.A. to buy a Seder plate? I'm looking online, and I don't feel like I'm hitting the tip of the iceberg, or I'm only finding places that cater to Orthodox or ultra-Orthodox clientele. Thanks for your suggestions!

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    1. 1) "hip, progressive" : the gift shop of any "hip, progressive" ( or make it: conservative, reconstructionist, reform ) synagogue. Plenty around.

      2) traditional: any of the many judaica stores along Pico Blvd, from La Cienega all the way west to, say, Beverly Drive.

      1. Okay, considering Passover is a holy day around for thousands of years, I'm not entirely certain you can label anything with it hip or progressive.

        Your best bet is to hit up the Judaica stores along Pico as RicRios suggested, or there's one on Ventura Blvd in Sherman Oaks near a few blocks east from the intersection with Sepulveda.

        1. i found a very nice minimalist seder plate last year at the judiaca shop on westwood (the day before passover). i'll attach a photo if i can figure out how. it was the leaset expensive they had and the nicest , IMO.

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            not sure is the photo is posting.

          2. I've found that the two best places for Judaica in the city are Audrey's, the gift shop at the Skirball Center, and Gallery Judaica, on Westwood Blvd. south of Wilshire. They both seem to carry pretty good, varied artists. I'm personally partial to the Nambe seder plate (it's very clean and modern), but I'm not sure if either of those places carry Nambe. Good luck!