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Apr 2, 2009 05:55 PM

(La?) Résidence

Anybody been to Résidence? On Notre-Dame just east of city hall... I think corner St-Claude. It's brand new. I ate there last saturday night and thought it was pretty good, but I was starving and had a few cocktails so I don't trust myself. The menu was original. Very cool space. Would like to hear from any chowhounders...

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  1. It's called Resident, BTW.
    I was there with a group of 12 last Friday and we all had the same reaction as yours - very cool space and original menu of largely comfort food. The majority of us had the "mini" Thanksgiving dinner which was anything but mini. It consisted of a whole roasted Cornish hen served with herb laden smashed potatoes, stuffing and a small Yorkshire pudding. Everyone that ordered it thoroughly enjoyed it but almost all of us ended up with a doggie bag as these were very large Cornish hens. A couple of others had the grilled cheese (aged cheddar, I think) served on Challah bread and someone had what I think was a lamb Sheppard's pie and they all enjoyed their food. Prices were extremely reasonable - that Thanksgiving plate was $18.00, and the service was impeccable. For example, I inquired about a certain wine which I was not familiar with, and the waiter brought over a glass and poured a taste. The only problem was the noise level and the music volume, which were extremely high, although in all fairness, as far as the noise, there was a table of at least 25 20somethings besides us celebrating a birthday.
    Overall, a very enjoyable experience and would definitely return.

    1. Positive review from the Hour, too...

      A friend of mine cooks there and I haven't even been yet... the shame, the shame...

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        If that's a positive review from Karpati, I'd hate to see what a negative one looks like. Of all the dishes sampled, he only liked the sloppy joe. He ends with saying Resident is more for people interested in the atmosphere than the food and that the kitchen needs to try harder. Sorry for your friend.

        1. re: rcianci

          Yipes, that is a pretty harsh review of you ask me... But it does sound like there is some potential to this place. Maybe the review will spark some tinkering with the menu and the execution? The menu is certainly appealing.

          1. re: moh

            You're right. I hadn't re-read that before posting, and somehow I remembered it being positive. Maybe cause he actually went easy on them (seems to be rooting for 'em in the end instead of just ripping them a new one like Greasy Spoon). Anyhow...