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Apr 2, 2009 05:50 PM

Best Deli in DC area?

Any recommendations? I've heard good things about Parkway Deli in Maryland; can anyone confirm that's true? Also, any recommendations for decent delis in DC itself?

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  1. Most of the food at Parkway is pretty bad nowadays, but I can't really speak of the deli meats.

    The best corned beef and pastrami, hands down, is at City Deli on Bladensburg Rd., NE The combo sandwich is heaven-sent, even by NYC standards. Nothing else really comes close.

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      Thanks for the suggestion! I've definitely been missing good, NY-style delis.

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        One caveat on City Deli - the packaged rye bread really brings the sandwich down. They need to find a supplier for better bread. And it's just a carryout sandwich joint - not a full NY-style deli. Fantastic corned beef, and even better pastrami, but nothing else of note there.

        Parkway in Silver Spring is ok, but it won't make you forget about real NY delis. It is, however, probably the best in the area.

      2. Clarification: It's Deli City, not City Deli, in Northeast. And I think the corned beef there is far superior to the pastrami.

        Loeb's downtown has the closest thing to the true deli feel, and it's up there with Parkway for variety on its menu, but neither is on a par with anything in New York. But it's not awful.

        I also like Celebrity Delly out in Fairfax County near Falls Church. Good bagels and a good variety of New York-deli-style sandwiches, though the meats aren't on a par with Deli City.

        1. Deli City
          2200 Bladensburg Rd NE
          Washington, DC 20018 Map
          (202) 526-1800

          This is a crummy looking dive, you won't believegood deli oculd come formhere.

          I'm of the 'Loeb's is awful' camp, but it certainly doesn't cost much to find out for yourself.

          Chutzpah has v. good pastrami. Fairfax, but also one located in Tysons Corner. They also make some excelllent concoction sandwiches like the fuhgeddaboudit sandwich with quite a few layers of ingredients including chopped liver and cole slaw.

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            And this is where Steve and I always diverge, because I think Chutzpah's existence is a crime against humanity, and a vacant lot would be a better use of their space. Nothing I've ever had there was better than Subway.

          2. As long as we're venturing into NoVA, I'd add The Deli in Herndon. More of an Italian style deli, it's super good.

            I like Chutzpah, but am not ravenous about it.

            1. Brooklyn Deli off Darnstown Rd- Rockville/north Potomac is great. only open till 3PM. Best deli outside of NYC that I have been to. I got the corned beef/pastrami/cole slaw /russian dressing on rye and could only finish half. This from a nice Jewish kid native baltimorean

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                I'm hot and cold with Brooklyn's. They definitely have the best rye and pumpernickel bread around. But I've had some mediocre pastrami and corned beef, and their cleanliness leaves a lot to be desired.

                The best sandwich around is bread from Brooklyn's and the meat from Deli City!