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Apr 2, 2009 05:49 PM

Yet another jazzfest itinerary (from a former local)

Hey all,

I moved out of the city a couple of years back and am able to go to my 1st fest in three years (very excited for that!).

So I have to show some family friends around for the first time. The first night a large group of us are going to Jacques. Know there are better places for food, but it is a blast and the lineup at the leaf that night is great.

Friday night we are going to Herbsaint. Has it been on its game lately? What dishes are the winners there these days?

Sat night we have reservations at Delmonicos. Admittedly, I made the reservation very late and this was all that was left. How is it? Will it be too quiet, even during the fest?

Thoughts? Obviously at this point availability is somewhat a concern. Thank you for your help and input.

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  1. We are doing Stella! on Thursday night, Brigtsen's Friday night, La Petite Grocery Saturday night and Commander's Palace Sunday morning at brunch. Lunches at the fairgrounds.

    1. I think the food at Delmonico is top notch...but the atmosphere just wasn't for me. It's very quiet. If your crowd is more fun...which I'm guessing you are since you picked Jacques-Imo, I would suggest going to Emeril's instead...if there are openings.

      1. Have you tried looking at I find a lot of reservations that way and I know that all of Emeril's restaurants are listed on this service. They have around 50 NOLa restaurants with online bookings available. I guess this may save time in lieu of calling around. Good luck with the reservations.