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Apr 2, 2009 05:35 PM

Kumamoto-style ramen in LA?

Just got back from Japan and an unforgettable visit to the Shin-Yokohama Ramen Museum. I sampled an outrageously delicious bowl of Kumamoto-style ramen at one of the stands and would love to know from our CH ramen experts if this style is available anywhere in LA.

For those unfamiliar with Kumamoto ramen, it is similar to the milky white pork broth style of Hakata ramen, but with more subtle pork flavoring and the use of toasted/fried garlic vs. raw garlic. Char siu (roast pork), green scallions, crunchy woodear mushrooms, and bit of bean sprout are common toppings.

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  1. Not sure of the name but Chabuya on Sawtelle N of Olympic seems to fit that description with a slightly milky pork broth and the toasted garlic and other toppings...kind of came a across as not soupy enough and a little bitter from the garlic but some folks love it. I still think Santouka's better (different that what you're looking for) so I go there. I hope you find what you're looking for - I'm sure the Yokohama ramen museum has some good stuff!

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      Agreed, the closest I know of is Chabuya, but IMHO it's not all that great. Better than, and stylistically closer than Orochon though.

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        The style of ramen at Chabuya is very close to what Ernie describes. Their use toasted garlic instead of raw actually caught me by surprise.

    2. Orochon Ramen.
      Huge Portions.
      Good Options.
      Very Spicy if your interested

      1. I doubt you'll find any Kumamoto style ramen in LA, at least not yet. Maybe they have something similar at the place in Hacienda Heights (Foo Foo Tei?) that was doing every style of ramen imaginable. But don't get your hopes up. There are about a couple dozen styles of ramen that you can't find in LA just yet.

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          Well put E Eto.

          Ernie, it is as E Eto says, unfortunately. There's just nothing close to real Kumamoto style Ramen in L.A. (yet, fingers crossed :). Unfortunately, Foo Foo Tei (Hacienda Heights) doesn't make a Kumamoto style Ramen.

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            Thank you all for the info, much appreciated! Hopefully one day this amazing version of ramen will show up in our great big 'hood :)

        2. If you pick up the most recent Japan Up! publication (in Japanese restaurants, got mine at Famima!), it's a ramen issue. They have a map of Japan and show 14 different style of ramen, the geographic origin and short description. What a great ramen education! Perhaps in the ads you might see if any retaurant in So Cal offers it, I haven't gone through the ads yet.

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              I didn't know this was on his site, thanks!

          1. don't know if kyushu ramen on sherman way would be worth it. Why not call them and ask about what you're looking for?

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              Kyushu Ramen tries to do too many things and, per reports from Mme. Akitist's contacts in the immigrant Japanese community, none of them very well. We've eaten there maybe twice since the original owner sold the business and haven't wasted our time since.