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Apr 2, 2009 05:31 PM

Best cupcakes in Baltimore?

I'm having a very special birthday party in Baltimore on or around May 5th and I need fantastic cupcakes. I don't live or work in the Baltimore area, so I have no idea where to start - who has the best cupcakes? I've seen ads for Charm City Cupcake and Baltimore Cupcake Company, but not many reviews of their cupcakes. If I can find someone to deliver to Johns Hopkins Hospital, all the better. I'm interested in red velvet, chocolate, vanilla, etc., nothing too exotic.

If there aren't any remarkable cupcakes in the area, I'm open to getting a regular cake - but it would have to be fantastic and red velvet with cream cheese frosting (and delivery if possible).

Thanks VERY MUCH in advance for any suggestions!

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  1. I don't find either of the places you mentioned to have consistent, good cupcakes. And they are pricey, too. I would recommend the following:

    Harbor City Cake Shop in Lexington Market, phone 410-539-4090
    Although they definitely have tasty cupcakes, the look is very simply, but still nice in my opinion. I have enjoyed from here the following varieties: vanilla cake/strawberry frosting, vanilla/vanilla, vanilla/chocolate, vanilla/orange, chocolate cake/vanilla frosting, chocolate/chocolate. Two issues, they might not make red velvet in cupcake form, although I know they do occasionally make red velvet cakes. Also, I'm fairly certain they don't deliver, but I've picked up pretty early from here. You also usually have to pay half up front which means making a trip in person. If they won't make you red velvet cupcakes, you can try and see if the Berger's stand nearby can accomodate you. Their cupcakes are almost as good, but again I have never seen red velvet cupcakes at Berger's, just regular red velvet cake. Berger's red velvet has a higher cocoa content than what I prefer in my red velvet cake, but some people prefer it that way.

    Woodlea Bakery, linked below and at
    Not sure if they deliver. I think their red velvet is better than what you find in Lexington Market, although I like the cupcakes in Lexington Market better. However, the cupcakes here are still decent. I have only ordered vanilla cake/ chocolate frosting and vanilla cake/vanilla frosting cupcakes from here.

    Spro, linked below, a coffee shop inside the Towson Library
    For my money, this place has the best red velvet in the area. Although they sell by the slice, you can ask if they will sell you a whole cake. We even stopped by today to get a slice, but they were all out. They are more expensive than the above options, but I feel it's worth it. They also have cupcakes that have a very good old fashioned flavor to them. I have only seen these with vanilla cake, but different flavors of frosting (vanilla, pineapple, etc). Not sure if they sell these in bulk. My only nitpick, the cupcakes (especially the frosting) get stale very fast.

    Spro Coffee
    320 York Rd, Towson, MD 21204

    Woodlea Bakery
    4905 Belair Rd, Baltimore, MD

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      I love Spro in general, but my only warning about the Spro red velvet (cake, at least), is that the icing is extremely buttery. I love buttercream or cream cheese frosting with red velvet, but this was actually soft and greasy, like lightly sweetened butter. None of that heady, slightly crunchy, buttercream super-sweetness.

    2. Rose's/Soup's On in Hampden makes some amazing homemade cupcakes. The flavors vary, but I recall an amazing Tres Leches cupcake with Dulce de Leche icing that was amazing.
      They may make cupcakes for a party special order. .

      1. does deliver
        I work for Hopkins- we love them!!! They have regular and mini sizes.

        1. Chiming in for Woodlea's, too. Try their Baltimore Rainbow Cake: it has a layer of red velvet, and the other flavors are good, too.

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