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Apr 2, 2009 04:40 PM

Reservation for 25-30 in Park Slope

Hi. I've been trying to think of places in the Slope that can handle a big group for dinner on a Friday night. I was all set to go to Scottadito (conveniently close to parking garages for those driving), but was informed that for parties that size they only do family-style banquet menus, which I would like to avoid for price and variety reasons.

We'd like to keep the meal relatively inexpensive. I'd say a place like Blue Ribbon would be the absolute top of our price range. Japanese may be too adventurous for some out-of-town eaters.

So what's out there that's big enough the handle our dinner? Blue Ribbon? Two Boots?


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  1. Why would you go to Two Boots for a la carte rather than have family style @ Scottaditto?

    I had my rehearsal dinner @ Scottaditto in the back room with about 20-30 people and had a very good time with a nice range of family-style portioned food.


    1. In Windsor Terrace, Fez Cafe (continental/Moroccan) can handle large groups in their backyard tent.

      1. Try Palo Santo, we've talked to them about a similar sized group and they were very accomodating. Plus I really like the restaurant

        1. greenermjr: It boils down to cost and variety. I wanted to do Scottadito because their pasta and entrees range from $8-$24. I'm going to have foodies, meat & potatoes people, and vegetarians attending, so the variety we'd get from ordering off of the menu would have been nice. Scottadito's family-style prices go from $49-$75. The middle-tiered menu is $59, which with tax and tip would be $75pp before wine. That's two to three times what I usually spend for food at Scottadito and too expensive for my crowd.

          1. The large Dining Room at TEMPO can easily seat 30 or more. The downstairs Wine Celler at Convivium as well.

            The food is excellent at both places, and the price is less that Blue Ribbon. PS The food is better, too.

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              Fleur: I thought Tempo was a great idea. Great suggestion. I immediately asked my pre-wife to forward the menu to her parents for approval. The unfortunate answer - "Too Fancy." Sigh. Back to the drawing board.