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Apr 2, 2009 04:34 PM

Croissant near Rue Cler

Will be in the Rue Cler area for 1 day and night. Where is the best place to get a croissant?

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  1. The place you are looking for is on the South side of rue Saint Dominique and East from Cler almost to rue de la Come'te...can't recall the name, but many think it's the best in the city. Having bought from these guys for ten mornings in a row, I'd say there's a good chance this in the top ten. Somebody help out with the name...if no one helps out here, just follow my directions and look for the place with a long line. Also, the baguettes are excellent!!

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      I have got to ask. If you went here 10 mornings in a row how did you compare the croissants here with ones from other bakeries?

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        Good question, Phil.

        Anyway, I'd go over to Rue Saint-Dominique 103 where you'll find the fab boulangerie/patisserie Millet. You can have breakfast right there (only a few tables though).
        But you'll have more than one boulangerie on Rue Cler/Rue du Champ de Mars. Go to one that says 'boulangerie artisanale'.

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          Other tips are to head for a Boulangerie with "Artisanal" on its sign - usually a good sign of quality as it makes its own bread. Also choose the straight croissants over the crescent shaped ones. The straight ones are usually the all butter ones and are better than the ones made with mixed fats.

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          My favorite croissants are the pecan ones on Montorgueil, but the person asked about near rue Cler area. BTW we visit once or twice a year leasing apartments here and there around the city, mostly enjoying breakfast after a quick walk to a nearby bakery. Next round is coming up in May...close to Montorgueil for the croissants among other take aways.

      2. There's no best croissant because as I always say, Parisian croissants are a universe of their own -- some flaky, some mushy, some crispy, somme buttery, some melty etc.

        That said, indeed Millet is a champ for puff pastry and therefore for croissants. There's also Le Pain d'EPis at the corner of rue du Champ de Mars, across the street from Cantin the cheese chop. Further west in rue Saint Dominique, Julien should not be neglected. Also, give Lenôtre, on av. de la Motte Picquet, a chance.

        And if you feel like walking, well then the world is yours but I would draw you attention to le Moulin de la Vierge at Suffren and Garibaldi, to the extraordinary bread from e. Mayer at 100, rue du théatre (see my blogpost there --, to Pichard on Cambronne@Lecourbe. And Poilâne is at on bd de Grenelle near Métro Dupleix.

        While you're at it, my favourite macarons in town are at Grégory Renard, further west on rue Saint Dominique (blogpost:

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          Good point, Julien. I would add, however, that Paris is also a universe of mediocre croissants. I used to recommend highly a little Marais neighborhood place called au Levain du Marais. Under new ownership and a new name at one of the two former outlets, I wouldn't bother.

          A few years ago le Figaro published its rankings, along with a detailed description of its criteria (in French):

          1. re: RandyB

            You're right. This is why everybody need to bookmark my map of bakeries on their iPhone.