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Apr 2, 2009 04:09 PM

The most unique/strange/interesting eateries - bay and beyond

Hey folks,

I'm a longtime browser of the SF boards, and a first time poster – so excuse me if this topic has come up before.

I'm creating a list of the strangest and most interesting places to eat all around the world. Interpret 'strange' and 'interesting' as you wish.. I'm just wondering if people could help me come up with a giant list. At the end, I'll link a page I'm creating.

Here are a few things I have so far:

# Opaque, San francisco - Step into the dark where senses are enlightened by this pitch-black dining experience. What's more: you're servers are blind as well. Hands to yourself, people.

# Head-to-tail dinner at Incanto, San Francisco - Eat every possible part of an animal. Yes, every part. A mecca for many foodies - bring some courage for the marinated goose intestines.

# Asia SF, San Francisco - Whichever way you swing, you'll be happy to dine at this fine establishment where the ladies are actually men, and it's not clear if the opposite is true. Fun all the same.

hokay. So what about it? Can you name others? Esp. places overseas would be cool.

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  1. Yes it has and places outside the Bay Area would be not in keeping with the stated purpose of this board.

      1. re: Robert Lauriston

        Thanks, Robert. That's a pretty good list. But most places people seem to mention aren't that unique. I saw foreign cinema on there a few times... I guess I'm looking for really out there. The water taxi and cable car examples are pretty cool though :) thx. perhaps I'll post on the international board.

        1. re: kevinsystrom

          I think people around here are more into eating great food than dining as theater.

      2. Forbes Island at Pier 39 gets a vote for unique and unusual. Food is meh.