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Apr 2, 2009 03:14 PM

Recommended Naples Restaurants

Any recommended restaurants near Naples Ritz-Carlton Golf Resort? I'm will to drive a few miles, if necessary.

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  1. Bha-Bha! Persian restaurant is just east of you at the corner of Vanderbilt Beach Road and U.S. 41 (heh, any further west and you'll be swimming in the Gulf) in the Pavilion Plaza and is excellent. If you want very good and affordable sushi, Sushi Thai at U.S. 41 and 103rd Ave North... fresh fish, Randy's Fishmarket at U.S. 41 and 104th. I would love to recommend Cilantro Tamales for mexican but haven't been there in quite a while...their tamales used to be 'da bomb.'
    Others will chime in, hopefully!
    *Edit*--you are also within walking distance of Daruma Steakhouse (they serve hibachi style Japanese and sushi) practically across the street (to the north) of the Ritz...we find the service friendlier at Sushi Thai, but Daruma is very good also, I must say, and it's a VERY busy place.

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      Sorry Val, but I think that HungryFirefly is staying at the Ritz Golf resort not the Beach resort. All of these choices are still good, but Daruma is not within walking distance.

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        LOL!!! THANK you, grouper!!! You are correct! Sheesh...well, I don't even KNOW where the golf place hopefully, someone will help HungryFirefly out!

    2. My all time fav in that area is in Bonita - Wylds Cafe (phenominal):

      And Randys for awesome fresh seafood.

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        Wyld's Cafe is really excellent. You wouldn't know from the outside -- it is in a little strip mall on Bonita Beach Rd. and you enter from the parking area in the back. But it is dark and very nice inside, prices are much more reasonable than most fine-dining places in Naples (entrees include sides and are in low to mid-$20s) and the food is excellent. I love the meatloaf which, while a special, is almost always on the menu. And we shared a starter last time, a duck napoleon on crisp puff pastry squares with shredded duck, mushrooms, and a creamy parmesan sauce that was ultra-yummy. Great find!

      2. Dear Hungry: excellent seafood is at Real Seafood just down the block from Ritz golf resort. The lake perch are as good as Phil Schmidts in Hammond Indiana. All fish is fresh. Sam Snead's bar for a simple sandwich place on Vanderbilt across from entrance to resort. Then Old Europa for fine german and slavic food. small family owned eastern european place. Stonewood is decent food but long wait. Sushi Thai on Airport just south of Vanderbilt is also good Thai and Sushi.

        Randy's is fresh and good around 104th north on 41. Not a far drive.
        Great burger: go to Cruiser's. 99th and 41. Burgers, real malts, fries and onion rings.

        Hope this helps.

        skip burgermaven..