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Apr 2, 2009 02:13 PM

What is your favorite spot in downtown DC for Happy Hour, and Why?

Now that the weather is warming up and my instinct to leave work and hibernate is dwindling, I thought I'd ask about your favorite Happy Hour places! Hopefully I'll find something new.

Personal favorites include: Beacon Hotel's roof bar (the scenery), Tabbard (the charm), Science Club (the Pinkus beer and the DELICIOUS french fries... they must be fried in truffle oil), Poste (the courtyard), Smith and Wollensky's outside bar (because I love their huge glasses of Savingon Blanc on a hot sticky day) and Brasserie Beck (for their beer selection).

I look forward to seeing your answers!

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  1. In downtown PS7 is my personal favorite in terms of happy hour. I like their "Primanti Brothers" sandwich, flatbreads and drinks specials on drinks Gina made. And the prices on wine aren't bad either.

    I also like Zengo because they have a very comfortable bar area, great mojitos and the food on special are many of the items I like.

    Oya isn't bad either, and it goes later which I like.

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      I agree with KTMoomau. I love PS7's happy hour and go quite often. The service and food selection is great. As well as creative drinks.

      I also like Ceiba, mostly because their lounge is comfy and the drinks are strong :)

      Taberna is good for tapas and Sangria. But you have to get there on the early side.