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Zoe an American Bistro Little Silver NJ

Was checking out a chowhound pick for the Bistro in Red Bank.

On their website was this limited information about their new venture.


Let us all know if you hear more or visit.

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  1. about 11/2 wks ago I heard that they'd be opening this week. looking forward to trying it as I think the Bistro is great!

    1. Hmmm, wood fired Tex-Mex sushi pizza? I dunno, am always leery of places that try to go in too many directions.

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        I thought the same thing after reading the menu - too many different things - will wait awhile to try

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            Yeah, that does render a chill. Still, when The Bistro opened in Red Bank, I thought their menu was a little too clever, and I have gone on to have some very nice meals there. There was that dish with the "dancing bonitos," still having night frights over that. But with any luck, Zoe will pull away from it and deliver. I hope so, anyway.

          2. The Markham St. location was formerly occupied by Table, and the photo posted is of the Chef's Table. We did it once with fellow Hounds. I wonder if they're planning on keeping it.

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              R - Another chowhound chef's table dinner? :)

            2. They are open.
              Picked up copies of their lunch and dinner menus. Lunch prices 8-19 for salads and entrees. Dinner 11-24 for entrees. Salads Sides and Soup range from 5-11.

              Would have stopped but had lunch at Kissui next door.

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                Kissui? What did you order? Details, pls!

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                  I'll post on the Sushi board.
                  This is for Zoe.

              2. It's a brave move to charge $27 for a hangar steak in a new restaurant in this economic climate. The location has been a "hot spot" for a few years, already.

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                  The history of this restaurant location goes back twenty years. Nothing seems to last more than a year or two. The prices are average for this area, unfortunately the food is below average. Medium rare is apparently a forgotten art.

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                    Actually it goes back even further. Casa Comida had a good run there in the mid 80s before moving to Long Branch. Niels had a decent run there for a while in the 90s and Village Bistro a few years back.

                2. Went to Zoe on Friday night. They offer some Greek specialties, which is what we tried.
                  Started with Greek salads. A nice salad, but it will be better when tomatoes are in season. Pickled anchovies instead of the ones in oil! Nice!

                  My husband had the pork souvlaki, which he liked a lot. I had the moussaka, which was very good. Not sloppy like it can be. We'll go back.

                  They are kid friendly with a special "kids menu."
                  The prices are quite reasonable. We got out of there for $48. not including tip.

                  It was crowed at 7:30 PM on Friday. I expect that will thin out over time. Also, a bit noisy.

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                    Lunches at Zoe are so-so.....okay if you are in the area - check it out for a decent but not memorable lunch....if you are from out of town, the trip just isn't worth it. I noticed the lunch and dinner menu's are very much the same....try the house salad with gorgonzola and the Zoe burger. Prices are reasonable, but i do miss Table (formerly at this location)

                  2. I went to Zoe alone since my client has to reschedule our lunch. The ambience is contemporary. The place was quite empty during lunch time, about 12:20pm (maybe it is still a new place), I was seated promptly and my server was cheerful and friendly. The ice water was served immediately after I sat down. The menu is not anything exciting, it is simple. I am trying to test my memory here since I forgot to take a copy with me and do not think that they have it online yet.(It is likely this menu is for lunch only) For appetizers, they offer tomato basil soup with grilled cheese croutons, Mac & Cheese, fried calamari. There are various salads and you can add your choice of meat(I believe rare tuna is a selection). Then there are the pastas, I cannot remember all the selection, definitely vodka sauce is one of them, and you can have your choice of chicken or shrimp by adding $4 and $6 respectively. There are the burgers….I think there were 4 different choices but I can only remember the one I ordered.

                    I got an ice-tea(they do not have liquor license), ordered the Mac & Cheese and the Kobe Sliders. My server warned me that the Mac & Cheese could be served as a main course…I did not take her advice since she is very petite….. When the food arrived, I knew that I should have listen to my server. Apparently my server noticed my “shocking” expression at the portion of the Mac & Cheese and ensured me that she could even wrap it up for me if I felt like having too much even at my sight! The Mac & Cheese looked very hot and my server suggested me to start with the sliders(by the way, she did ask me if I want them to be served together or separately); I have learned from my previous mistake, thus I listened to my server!

                    There were 2 sliders on the triangle plate, there were fries and pickles. I like the portion of the fries, not too many but just enough(some people may think that the portion was too small), plus they were freshly fried. As for the sliders, I really do not think that they are “real” Kobe, but they tasted decent with the grilled onion. One thing that I like about the plating of this Kobe slider was that it had the ketchup in a smaller triangle plate in the big triangle plate. I hate the struggle with the ketchup when I am eating burgers and fries….
                    The Mac & Cheese was crunchy on the top and rather creamy with all the cheesy goodness. The temperature was just right after I finished the sliders. This can surely be a main course for lunch. By the way, I am going to skip dinner…I mean, I have to!

                    The total comes to $20 with tax but excluding tips. The service is so much better compared to the sister restaurant Bistro At Red Bank. I also prefer the food in this location, their menu is simple and the basic American dining, unlike the location at Red Bank with too many items from too many places…Overall, the place is good but it is NOT a must try!

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                      Zoe is surprisingly good. Try the lunch prix-fixe at $9.95 and you won't be disappointed. Service is slow, but business is booming, so perhaps they should hire a few more people to serve. Lunch will include a soup/salad/appetizer plus a sandwich and drink. Nice ambiance; basically a glorified version of the Turning Point.

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                        I went for dinner with the girls last week. Liked it very much! The white bean soup with escarole was delicious. I also had a lovely salad. I would return here for a quiet night out with the hubby.

                    2. I used to frequent Zoe for lunch when I worked at Fort Monmouth...used to love their kobe burger, and loved the fries as well.

                      I really like the open kitchen at Zoe, and being able to look down the line through the giant glass window. Also loved the wine decor they have around the restaurant, with the original wood cases from some of my favorite wines. Scarecrow comes to mind. Wish I still worked out that way....could really go for their burger again! -mJ