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Apr 2, 2009 01:58 PM

5 meals in Athens

I will be in Athens with my family over a three day period in July. We are looking for good, authentic Greek food in a nice ambiance. Not looking for a gourmet experience necessarily. Kids are teenagers and are good eaters.

I'm thinking:

Athinaikon for lunch
Platanos for lunch

Kafenio (Kolonaki) for dinner
Strofi (on the terrace for the view) for dinner


Pasaji for dinner

Snacks at Ariston, Thanasis (souvlaki) and Aigaion (loukamades).

I am just beginning to plan so any guidance would be most welcome! Thank you.

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  1. I would try Lykavitos for dinner at sunset. Take sweaters or windbreakers, as the temperature drops significantly. The meal is decent, but the view is unsurpassed.

    1. Yes, you must go to Thanasis for souvlakia sandwiches. They are to die for !! The address (if you don't have it) is Mitropoleos 69

      1. Definitely go to Bairaktaris located at Monastiraki Square 2. Packed with tourists and locals, i think this is the place with the best Pita Gyros and Mosxari Stifado!