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Apr 2, 2009 01:50 PM

Sushi Nanase

Hi all - new to posting and have a quick wife and i are going to Sushi Nanase in WP on Sat night and i was wondering if i order the Omakase does my wife have to order it as well - like a chef tasting menu where the table must participate? or can she order off the menu while i get the Omakase? Thanks in advance - Koko85

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  1. You must order the omakase in advance--if you're going this Sat, better call now!!

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    1. re: Marge

      thanks Marge but do you know if the whole table must order it as well?

      1. re: koko85

        I don't know, we both ordered the omakase when we had it. I do know that he needs a few days notice to shop for special ingredients for it. By the way, although the omakase was very, very good, in subsequent visits I just have sushi, which, imo is sublime. Enjoy!

        1. re: Marge

          Thanks for the info was a terrific experience and i cannot wait to go back! Worth the price for sure - I was stuffed when i left...and no not everyone has to order Omakase - but i was sure glad i did!! Thanks again!

          1. re: koko85

            Good to know that this place is still doing good sushi!