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Apr 2, 2009 01:32 PM

Prado or The Mission - Phoenix

Heading out this weekend and we want to try one of these two restaurants. I've seen good things about the Mission here before, but almost nothing about Prado. Both the Republic and New Times wrote Prado up this week, and interestingly they came to different conclusions, although both said Prado doesn't make a good Paella, which is troubling.

Has anyone tried Prado yet? Anyone been to both? The weather is so great I'm inclined to try Prado and maybe sit outside and watch the sunset before dinner.

Thanks for you help.


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    i would be interested to hear your report on Prado, if you do go. the patio and pool bar are lovely in this weather - there's a fireplace on the patio if it gets chilly; just word to the wise, don't sit too close - it gets raging hot. i've been back several times for drinks since my write-up; it's probably new my favorite spot for cocktails outside.

    if you want to try the paella at Prado w/o actually sitting down for dinner, they serve it out near the pool on wednesday nights while there is live music (starts at 5p); i believe the servings are $18. they make it in a giant, portable paella station.

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      Thanks for the link. I'm not sure how I missed that. Your description of the patio is what's selling it for me. I keep thinking it's going to be 110 degrees soon, so I want to take advantage of nice weather whenever I can. I'll report back either way.


    2. I'm holding off on Prado until Pavle takes over as GM, although it does sound from Seftel and Laudig's differing reviews that service was not a consistent criticism.

      We're hitting Lon's this weekend.

      1. I've not tried either yet, unfortunately. I'm especially eager to try The Mission, largely becuase I'm a big Zinc fan, and largely out of curiosity. It seems like there's been next to no attention given to it on this board, with the exception of one thread where only a coulple people have reported back with mixed results and without much detail. The critical response has seemed really positive so far. If the menu is executed up to par with the way many of the dishes sound...should be nice. Long story short, I selfishly encourage you to try Mission.

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          I agree with you, crsin and ejs. I really want to try The Mission and I'm more excited about what I hear about the food there. That said, I think we're going to try Prado tomorrow. Frankly, I'm mostly swayed by the great weather and sitting on the patio. I'll let you know how it is.


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            We are going to Lon's for precisely the same reasons. Then to NOCA for dessert and/or cocktails. It should be a good night for al fresco dining...I could be happy at Chili's with whether like this.

        2. Barry - how was Prado? We ate at Lon's to enjoy the weather and were very disappointed (by the food, not the weather....)

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            We visited Prado last Saturday. It was a bit windy, so we ended up having a drink at the bar (the patios are very large and it looks like a great place if the weather cooperates). The bar menu has 13 tapas plus the M burger ($15). We were meeting others for dinner, but hungry, so we ordered the wood roasted chorizo and peppers ($9) and the burratta stuffed picillo pepper ($9). The burratta pepper was served cold and it was very good (I love burratta). The chorizo was great. Very flavorful and a nice little taste. They also provide a complimentary dish of great, marinated olives (little ones I didn't recognize) and spiced nuts. Very nice.

            They also have 10 or so signature cocktails. The bartender was great, and she suggested we try the amante picante with organic tequila, fresh cucumber and cilantro enriched witih agave nectar and lime. Now, i would never have ordered this, but she said it was really good, so we shared one. it was great! Totally different, but very refreshing and not sweet. ($12).

            We met our friends for dinner. There was live music in the lounge, and the restaurant is adjacent. I thougth the music was a bit loud but we could hear each other. The restaurant is very well designed and we had a big, comfortable booth. Our waiter was awesome...very friendly and knowledgable. The menu is big, plus they give you a separate menu with the daily specials. The specials menu was big enough to be the regular menu at most restaurants.

            I ordered a tempanillo blend, but the waiter suggested a grenache from Spain in the same price range. (sorry, I can't remember the wines names as I'm not that familiar with Spanish vintners). The wine was really great, and it was fun to try something new.

            We ordered two starters off the specials menu. Grilled fava beans, in the shell, with peccorino was unique and delicious. Very light and a great starter. We also tried the halibut cheeks over polenta. The polenta came from a special corn farmer in Virginia or something (it really was very good, and the halibut was delicious. Again, it was great to try something you don't see too often. (I think both starters were in the $13 range).

            My wife and I then shared the Basque cod stew with piquillo peppers ($25). It was excellent in a flavorful broth and served with great bread. The cod was very tender. We shared a dessert I can't remember, as well.

            Overall, we enjoyed Prado a lot. It's a beautiful room, and the place had a great vibe the night we were there. (by coincidence, both papers reviewed it the week we went, although I understand they have been busy on the weekends). The food was very good, and the service was excellent. They have a large list of starters in the restaurant (different than the bar tapas) that include grilled octopus, sea bream cerviche, and what looked like a good cheese and meats plate. I could defintely see a meal with several starters and a bottle of wine. We'll be back.


          2. Thanks for the report, Barry. We had lunch at Prado on Monday and it was disasterous. A full review to follow. Clearly, Claudio is not at the helm during the daytime but, then again, it's not the best time to judge a restaurant.

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              Monday is his day off but other than that he is there