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Apr 2, 2009 01:29 PM

California Roussannes

Lately I've become a big fan of California Roussanne, such as those produced by Copain, Alban, Zaca Mesa and Qupe. It's becoming an expensive habit however, as these all come in around $30-50/bottle. Anyone aware of any less expensive California producers with a decent product?

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  1. Nothing immediately comes to mind except Bonny Doon has a blend composed of primarily grenache blanc plus roussane.

    Copain also has a blend with mostly viognier and roussane.

    1. Opolo (Paso Robles) has one that I have seen for around $20 in SOCAL. In full disclosure, I have not tried the Roussane, so I cannot recommend it, but I have liked some of their other wines, so it might be worth a try.

      1. Tablas Creek! Have not had the current vintage (2007) yet, but the 2006 Roussanne is lovely. Looks like pricing is around $25 retail, though it may be wine club only (I'm in the wine club, so not sure where to find it in stores):

        1. is there a particular reason why you haven't any interest in french wines? I will second the suggestion of checking out Tablas Creek.

          1. In the Sierra foothills: Sierra Vista, Holly's Hill, Cooper, Wilderotter, all
            make pretty decent Roussannes. Sierra Vista is probably the most
            consistent of the bunch. In addition, Holly's Hill makes a great
            roussanne-viognier blend called Patriarche Blanc. It used to be
            60% roussanne and 40% viognier, the roussanne percentage
            in the latest edition is even higher. It is a great wine, reminiscent
            of a white Saint Joseph. All the above wines are roughly in the
            $16 to $25 range.