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Ruth's Chris (Woodland Hills) or Morton's (Burbank)??

I'm celebrating my wedding anniversary next week and would like to make dinner plans. My husband loves steak so I thought we'd go with a steakhouse. Since we're celebrating on a week night and have to deal with evening traffic, I'd like to go somewhere relatively nearby (we're in Studio City). Morton's in Burbank is very close, but there's also Ruth's Chris in Woodland Hills (further away, but not too bad of a drive). Have been to RC in Beverly Hills and San Francisco and Morton's in Vegas. Never been to RC's Woodland Hills location nor Morton's Burbank location and I know locations from both chains can differ. Any suggestions for which restaurant to go to bearing in mind commute time (traffic)? Am also very open to other restaurant suggestions with a good filet. Main priorities are good food, reasonable drive time, good ambiance and good service.

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  1. To be totally honest, if you want a really good steak, you should likely avoid any of those types of chains. I'm not saying you can't get a great meal there, you obviously can, but there are far better options out there.

    If you don't mind heading into Hollywood, you should go to STK-LA. We recently took my mother there for her birthday, and I can honestly say its one of the best places I've been in LA. Go for the truffle fries.

    Sorry this doesn't answer your question, but maybe it helps?!?!

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      If they're going to go over the hill for steak, they'd be way better off food wise at BLT...BLT kicks STK's ass.

    2. I'm a Morton's fan. The Burbank location has great service, though I can't vouch for the filet...I'm a ribeye lover. My steak was cooked to a perfect medium rare, and the cocktails were good there, too. I last had a Ruby Red Grapefruit martini and it was one of the best martinis I've ever had...I can't seem to be able to re-create it at home.

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        Try this:

        1 part ABSOLUT RUBY RED
        1 part Cointreau
        2 parts Red Grapefruit Juice
        Orange Peel

      2. I don't think that you can ever go wrong with the Burbank Morton's. I am not a big filet fan, I also usually get the rib eye but I had the filet a couple of times on their special and enjoyed it too.

        1. I'm more of a Ruths' Chris fan over Morton's. Steak sizzling in butter gets me every time.

          Have you thought about Mastros in BH or Thousand Oaks? I love that place too.

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            I much prefer Ruth's Chris to Morton's.

          2. My husband and I recently celebrated our anniversary at RC in Woodland Hills...and LOVED it! We were there for 3 glorious hours and were treated like royalty (mentioned anniversary when we made the res.). We chose to have some champagne in their bar before moving in to the dining room. Once there, we started with a tower chopped salad (crispy bacon, creamy blue cheese, eggs, tomatoes, olives, delicate fried onions....oh yeah, and romaine). He had the fillet (like butter) and I had the NY (juicy and full of flavor). Both perfectly cooked to order (and w/out the butter, as it's just not necessary/ muddles that great pure steak flavor). Sides were sauteed spinach w/ just the right amount of garlic and a light n' fluffy baked potato w/ sour cream. They brought us a lovely banana cream pie (caramelized top) for dessert. It was truly a lovely and romantic experience from start to finished. I highly recommend it.

            1. Well, Morton's has a steak & seafood deal for 2 for $109. I think it's a good value. I took my mom to the Burbank one and she liked it. The place is in what looks like a nice office complex. I believe I saw Jay Leno there (not many people with that kind of chin).

              1. Happy anniversary! I would go to Ruth's Chris. The WH branch is much better than the BH branch, IMHO. I've been to Ruth's in WH many, many times and have always had an excellent meal. I have never had anything subpar. The steaks have always been cooked perfectly (I'm a filet girl) and the sides I've had were always great. I start my meals there by sharing Ruth's Chopped Salad (the one Candee mentioned) and BBQ Shrimp (which is actually a shrimp scampi, with an addictive sauce). With the steaks, we pick a couple sides to share. Mashed potatoes, their out-of-this-world sweet potato casserole, fries, or creamed spinach are ones we usually pick. Finally, for dessert, no dinner at Ruth's would be complete without their Creme Brulee.

                1. I haven't ever been to Morton's or RC but if you're already willing to travel to Woodland Hills you might also consider Fleming's (www.flemingssteakhouse.com). I've been to several locations of this chain and have found them all to be consistently very good. Their focus is really on nicely aged, well-cooked meat with a lot of flavor. Like others I am not a big filet eater but had one that was offered as a special last time I was there and it was really good.

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                    Flemings is not even in the same league as Ruthie in Woodland Hills, nor for that matter anywhere else.
                    The Mortons in Woodland Hills as well as the RC are much better.
                    I actually prefer the setting at the Mortons in WH, and the food is basically a toss-up.
                    And the prices are nearly identical.
                    The Mastros in T/O may be closing soon, so don't even think of heading that direction, unless you live nearby.

                  2. I've been to Ruth Chris and Morton's (but in OC) and prefer Ruth Chris' steak, but Morton's sides - that spinach is sooo good and that huge baked potato! Ruth Chris' spinach is so watery.

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                      Both to both the Burbank Arnie Mortons and the Woodland Hills Ruth Chris over 10 each. You can't go wrong in either spot, there are pros and cons for both. Both have great steaks. RC has the best Yams, Mortons have great souflees.

                    2. I have been to both. I think the steak is better at Morton's but the atmosphere can tend to be a little cold. On the other hand I think if you are going to go with a chain that Fleming's in Woodland Hills beats both RC and Mortons's. By the way if you like Hangaar steak try Max Restaurant in Sherman Oaks. Nice place, nice people and good food. If you go on I think it is Monday night they have no corkage and on Tuesday night they have half off on their wine list (that might be in reverse and you should check). Have a happy anniversary.

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                        I just ate at Fleming's at the new LA Live and the steak was fantastic.

                      2. I'm a bigger fan of Morton's (I don't like steak served in butter). I have not been to the Morton's in Burbank, but have tried both the downtown LA and the Woodland Hills branches. Both were excellent. As others have said, Morton's also has great sides and the souffles are among the best in the city. Service at both of those Morton's has also been very good. (I also always get the ribeye or New York, so I cannot personally vouch for the filet, but when I took my mother to Woodland Hills a few months ago, she loved the filet.)

                        The only qualm I have about Morton's is that the music is sometimes a little on the loud side.

                        1. thank you everyone for your input. Just reading the comments is making me crave a nice steak NOW! Sounds like we will just have to "celebrate" our anniversary several times and try as many suggested steakhouses as we can! :)

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                            Let us know what you end up doing..........

                          2. Just to round out the offerings, you might also consider Monty's in Woodland Hills. Some might quibble about the steak (though Monty's does age their own). Monty's has something that none of the competition offers: Fried Pickles. Sounds odd, I know. But they are addicting. Thick slices of good dill pickles, breaded and fried, and served warm. They go great with a martini.