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Apr 2, 2009 01:19 PM

try hook or no?

I never got over to hook when Barton Seaver was there and have heard conflicting reports since he left. My family is in town next weekend for Easter and I need an option for Sat night. They ahve already tried Central, Beck, Rasika, Blue Duck and others so was looking for something new (at least to us). Should I cancel the reservation? anyone have a better idea? i am not feeling all that inspired these days...thanks!

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  1. I think Hook is good-not great-but I really love Proof and Founding Farmers lately.
    Have you been there?

    1. I say try it and report back. Sounds like your family has already been to most of the other contenders.

      If your looking for alternatives, I really like Proof and Courdoroy.

      1. I've never been to Hook but I'm going this weekend even though their online menu looks a bit boring. Masochistic, I am.

        1. I think you should stick with Hook. I took my parents there a couple of months ago and we all really loved our meals. I am one of Hook's fans. And I know some people don't love it but I do. I think the food is really good and I like the open kitchen. Next door to Hook is Tackle Box which is nice for lunch (although I do think the serving size of the fish is on the small side). It's different from Hook but still good.

          If you haven't tried PS7 I would recommend that as well. It seems to go with your above list in terms of good food, service, and price range. You could also try Acadiana and Zola.

          1. I'm not from DC, but the food blog Culinary Couture did a haiku review of Hook today (don't know if I can put in the link without it getting deleted, but it will pop up if you google it).

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              cebca, i link blogs all the time.