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Apr 2, 2009 12:55 PM

Good restaurants for kids in Philly Center City

My family is going to Philadelphia for a few days and we'll be staying near the museums on Benj. Franklin Pkwy. What are some good restaurants for kids in that area or close by? They're not adventurous eaters.

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  1. Jones is a pretty good place for families and Reading Terminal Market would be good bet, too.

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      I second Jones, it's great for adults and kids alike. If you are coming during warm weather, we have so many restaurants with sidewalk seating that have great food for everyone in the family. While you enjoy great flavors of Philadelphia, the kids will be entertained by the sites. Rittenhouse Square has many options, Parc, Rouge, Devon Seafood, just a few to come to mind, but there are many down Walnut Street. Almost any place will have something that picky eaters will be ok with, be-it plain pasta or a burger. As a mother of 3, we take our children to every restaurant in the city and we always make do.

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        We are just back from Philly with our 6 and 7 year olds. We thought Jones was great. It is real comfort food (mac and cheese, meatloaf) with some healthy selections (tuna was outstanding). We thought it was so good we would come back just to go again! Seating is roomy and alot of families!

      2. On the lower end of the "chow" scale (and I hesitate to recommend it on this board), you will find a Fridays on the parkway between 17th and 18th, and whether that is a "good" option for you is a matter for you to decide. There is also a Corner Bakery at 17th and JFK, for pretty good salads and sandwiches, reasonably priced, its a chain of course.

        A little higher up the scale, in the basement of the Comcast Center is the "Market" an upscale food court where you can get some really great sandwiches (Di Bruno's) as well as some very tasty pizza slices, salads and pastas (La Scalas) and some good seafood sandwiches (Under the Sea Seafood). Make sure you go upstairs to see the high definition video wall.

        On the plaza of the Comcast Center, if the weather is nice, there is a very nice sidewalk cafe, definitely more upscale, but I think you would find items on the menu that kids would like such as burgers, and inside the Comcast Center is a very nice restaurant Table 31 which has recently converted its menu from steakhouse/bistro to Italian. I have not seen the menu but you should take a look when you are there, it could be a good option as kids usually like pasta, and they have been offering some value priced prix fixe lunch and dinners.

        As mentioned above, Jones is a good bet though not in walking distance. Taking the walk to the Rittenhouse Square area would be a great idea. For a moderate pizza/pasta place I like Pietro's on Walnut Street.

        1. In addition to the other suggestions, Chinatown would be a good bet. We really like Sang Kee and every time we've been there with our kids they've been accomodating.

          1. Very near you in the Fairmount section of the city is the Urban Saloon. You will not often find people on here recommending places in Fairmount, but this one loves kids! It is big and sprawling. My grandson even brings his bike here and rides all over the place. Just go early so as not to upset all the young adults who hang there. Order the hot roast beef or the caprese, and you will be happy.

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              Fairmount restaurants are possible if you are willing to walk a bit. I guess it depends on the age of your kids and how patient and/or tired they are by dinner time. In the Fairmount section there are a number of nice restaurants including Illuminare for pizza and Italian.

            2. I'll mention another not often mentioned spot--Sabrina's on 18th and Callowhill. The food is always fresh and tasty, and our kids love it. They have great omelettes and other breakfasty stuff, good sandwiches, etc.