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Apr 2, 2009 12:37 PM

Need a restaurant for a 9 yr old birthday dinner with 6 friends

looking for a good place in the etobicoke area to have my son's 9th birthday dinner with 6 of his friends...casual...noisy and good food.

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  1. Chuck-E-Cheese is a good place for your son. Their is also one in Etobicoke. look in the yellow pages for one in your area or call 411 directory and they will tell you the closes one in your area it is a 75 cent charge if you call 411.

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    1. re: haven

      You think Chuck-E-Cheese has good food?!

      1. re: MommyTwingle

        A friend of mine took his 2 year old to a party at the location in Ajax just a few weeks ago. Despite his initial (preconceived) concerns, he said it was good in all respects. The food was good, the place was clean and of course, it was all kid friendly.

    2. Vesuvio's on Dundas in the Junction. Big tables, very accessible foods, decent pizza. And, they don't have a mechanical band that's been satirized on the Simpsons.

      1. Every try one of those Japanese Teppanyaki places (Benihana like). I don't know of any in Etobicoke but there are several in the North York area.

        Make sure you get them to make a flaming volcano.

        1. I'm not sure if you fancy this, but there are always kids parties going on at the Imperial Buffet (Chinese) in Scarborough. There is probably an equivalent in Etobicoke. Food is definitely more healthy than the burgers and beans stuff. Except the kids will always find the fries, chicken legs and endless deserts.

          1. Likewise to the Imperial suggestion, the Mandarin is kid-friendly and they've got that crab leg special going on weekends. There's one on the Queensway near Kipling -