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Apr 2, 2009 12:23 PM

Help! On a budget dinner..$50 a couple...Irene's, Boucherie, Elizabeth's, or Lola's?

My husband and I are moving out of state and this is our last meal in New Orleans!! =( Because of the move we are trying to stay on our budget of $50 for dinner. After looking through many posts I've narrowed it down to these four...Irene's, Boucherie, Elizabeth's, and Lola's. Any comments on what to order and your preferences between these 4 would be GREATLY appreciated. Just think...if this was your last meal where would you go and what would you eat?? Thanks so much! Sorry for being dramatic, but I just can't believe this is my last trip to NOLA...=(

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  1. If you can get out of Irene's for $50 together, let me know how you did it. For your purposes, I'd suggest your best value would be to bring a bottle of vino to either Lola or Boucherie. Both are good, but totally different. If you're partial to Paella, you can pick up an inexpensive Tempranillo or Garnacha at Swirl (or Sip, or Swizzle, or whatever the name of that place is) across the street and easily stay in budget. Boucherie promises no entree over $15, so with tax and tip you should be around $39...grab a $10 bottle, and you're rock-solid.

    1. I've been to Boucherie 3 times since they opened. It's great, but I would recommend sticking to the small plates. Not out of a concern for cash, but I think their smalls are better than their entrees. Also, I couldn't tell much difference between the size of the apps and the entrees. That said, I highly recommend Boucherie.

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        The small plates at Boucherie are definitely better than the entrees.

        I personally like Lola bettter...but the main thing I go there for is the grilled lamb chops and they are the most expensive thing on the menu at $29.

        And I love their garlic shrimp appetizer for $8.

        I think even bringing your own wine to Lola...if you got anything other than just entrees, you'd be hard pressed to get out of there for $50.

        And I agree with the other way on getting out of Irene's for that price either.

      2. Thanks for the help. We are going this weekend and right now I am leaning towards Lola's just because it seems to have some great options. Boucherie seems to beat Lola on price though. My husband isn't a picky eater but the menu at Boucherie seems to scare him because it is so different from what he is used to. Elizabeth's menu sounds lovely. Any comments there?

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          You won't get the same atmosphere at Elizabeth's that you'll get at Lola/Boucherie/Irene's. I think the food is good, but go there for breakfast/lunch/brunch.

          For dinner - Lola's is fabulous. The BF and I went recently and got 2 apps, split paella, 1 chocolate cake (to die for) and brought our own wine for about $60ish.

        2. I agree that the budget would be too constrictive at Irene's, and as much as I love Elizabeth's and think that they are reasonably priced ($12-24 for entrees) it would be tough to have a full meal here with drinks unless you got a bunch of their fabulous appetizers.

          If you take atmosphere into consideration and the fact that it is just the two of you, I would also be heading to Lola carrying a bottle of wine!


          1. My favorite at Lola are....

            Caprese salad
            Crap Tropical salad
            Marisco soup
            Garlic shrimp
            Lamp chops with gorgonzola sauce
            And OMG the bread with their garlic spread!!!! And the bread dipped in the garlic shrimp appetizer. Ok I gotta stop...I'm getting hungry!

            We want a full report when you get back!