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Apr 2, 2009 10:57 AM

Stella! - what to order

My boyfriend and I are going to Stella tomorrow night for the first time and would love recommendations on what to order.

We both eat just about anything and have really been looking forward to this meal!

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  1. The two must have dishes in my opinion are the foie gras wontons and the duck 5 ways.It is equal to or better than the duck at Brigstens. Their is a gnocci appetizer is pretty fabulous as well. Enjoy!

    1. Someone must get the venison. I had it last week, and it was the first dish that I've had at Stella that I though lived up to the hype. Excellent, excellent dish. Duck 5 ways is good but not as good as the venison imo. How bout one get the duck and one the venison? Also, the risotto app is very good, too. Grilled cheese dessert is very good. Wasn't too crazy about the chocolate cake with pink lemonade sauce.

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        Is he still doing the spicy shrimp dish? Can't remember the name, maybe something having to do with Iron Chef? Whatever it's called, it was fabulous.

      2. This obviously is a little late but the meal we had at Stella! was too good not to rave about to those who really get it.

        Had the tasting menu plus a few and have to say it was on a par with anyone's, anywhere, anyttime! I've done Rubichon, Keller and a few other guys that could really cook and Stella has nothing to fear. The fois with banana was great and the chocolate cake in hot pink lemonade was both brilliant and delicious. The wine list is a little young and a lot pricey but fi you are in NO and deciding where to eat if you miss Stella you missed out. Oh yeah, hit Stanley for breakfast no matter how touristy the location.

        1. So Paisley,

          What did yall get and how was it?