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Apr 2, 2009 10:56 AM

Who has good subs in Manchester ,NH

looking for a few good subs, have done the nados thing for a whille looking to see wahts out in Manchester


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  1. Joe Kellys on elm is pretty solid...I think

    1. SubContractors.

      (Ok, never been there, just love the name!)

      1. I love the subs at Pizza Express in Maple St. Plaza (Valley and Maple) and the pizza. I usually get the wraps but have gotten on sub roll too. I've gotten the hot pastrami (fantastic but too many calories, can't do that anymore unless I know I will working it off comletely), love their ham and cheese roll up or wrap (vegies are really really crispy and fresh), Steak bomb is the bomb!!! Their salads with steak tips and grilled chicken are fantastic too (huge, they give you a lot and the chicken is sooooo tender, never overcooked - so I assume that a sub with either of these ingredients woudl be awesome.

        Have you had the shawarma (?) sandwiches in that same plaza at the Spice Shop? Not your typical sub but really really fantastic - make sure they put all the sides in it!!! Excellent meditarranian food.

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          Thanks for reminding me about the Shawarna, been meaning to try that, I use that place to get all my curry sauces and pastes , its a little gem off a place

        2. i'm not a huge Nadeau's fan. maybe i'm wrong, but every time i go there i look at my sub, consider what I've paid for it and think "OUCH!"

          Also, i'm fairly disappointed with the sub rolls in NH in general. I long for a sub on a nice REAL Italian roll. most of what I've found resembles wonder bread. it just spoils the sub no matter how good the quality of the contents. Anyone have any other recommendations that would fit the "good roll" requirement? How is Kelly's and Pizza Express in that regard? Thanks in advance for some guidance .

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            Does Perillo's still exist? Their subs were the best.

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              Be honest, I mostly get the wraps and love them (I'm picky and don't like many). I've had their rolls in the past and was pleased but I do'nt like a lot of bread overpowering my sandwich and I don't remember that being an issue with theirs).