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Apr 2, 2009 10:52 AM

Dressler or Hearth?

I know, one of these is in Brooklyn and discussion of the other belongs on the Manhattan board. So I'm hoping not to get deleted.

Anyway - deciding between the two for a party of 6, looking for nice but casual, good food, good for a relaxing evening of conversation.

Thoughts between the two?

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  1. I've never been to Hearth, but recently had a great dinner at Dressler. Loud, fun, boisterous on a Friday night. Can't exactly remember what we had beyond oysters (which were fresh and great), but all was good including the cocktails. Would definitely be a fun place for a group of 6 (we were 4).

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      The cocktails must have been great if you can't remember what you ate!!!

    2. I've never been to Hearth either, but I love Dressler. Definitely a great place for a small group. Just there last night in fact.

      1. Never been to Dressler but I have been to Hearth. Having said that, I'd suggest Dressler. Hearth was expensive for what it was and really struck me as lackluster. For the price anyway. I'm sure you'll need a reservation for either on a friday or saturday.

        1. Never been to Dressler, always heard good things. Hearth I've been to at least a half dozen times (though it's been about 2 years since the last visit) and have always loved it and considered it a favorite. Esp any dish they do with sweetbreads (they seasonally have an amazing appetizer of cabbage stuffed with ground veal and sweetbreads in a broth with pastina). Unlike Kiteless, I've never found it lackluster for the isn't cheap but it's not expensive for the quality of the food either. It's not a scene sort of place, the decor is pretty minimalist/industrial...reminds me a bit of some SOMA restaurants in San Francisco. You're paying for the really well prepared, seasonal food, not the interior design..