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Apr 2, 2009 10:35 AM

Center City: Nice brew pub with good grub -- wings, burgers, etc.

Looking for a nice pub / bar with good bar food. Staying on Chestnut / 16th St., and would prefer walking distance.

I've been to Good Dog many times, so a change of pace might be nice --


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  1. My first choice would be Pub and Kitchen at 20th and Lombard--wouldn't be a terribly far walk, especially on such a nice day. If you only want to go part of the way, however, there's Black Sheep Pub at 17th and Latimer. Both places have excellent burgers and good beers.

    I would try to go a little early, as both places can get crowded.

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      2nd Pub and Kitchen, the food there is excellent and it's not far from where you're staying.

    2. Some other possibilities if you have not already been to them: McGillins, Monks, Nodding Head.

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      1. re: rocknroll52

        It should be pointed out that there are really only two brew pubs in Center City, Noddinghead which will be in easy walking distance for you, and Triumph Brewery in Old City. All the other places mentioned have great micro and beer selection. I second the recommendation for Good Dog for a fabulous burger and great micro selection. If you are able/willing to travel, Dock Street, the original brew pub of Philadelphia has resurphaced in West Philadelphia, or Earth Bread and Brewery in Mount Airy are the other good brew pubs in Philadelphia proper.

        1. re: cwdonald

          " . . . are the other GOOD brew pubs in Philadelphia proper"

          What are the bad ones?


      2. well, good dog isn't a brew pub and there aren't many brew pubs in center city.if you want a gastro-pub or something similar, you should really check out monk's for great belgian beer and v good food (including burgers, not sure about wings). jose pistola's is pretty good too.

        1. Ah, thanks so much so far. I actually won't arrive until tomorrow afternoon, so let's hope the weather stays dec for a walk.

          Also, I'm not hung up on the BREW pub idea. Just a nice bar / pub (no TVs would be totally awesome, but I guess that's not always possible) with good burgers & wings & fries. Stuff like that. Nice beer on tap. It's beginning to sound like I might return to Good Dog '-)

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          1. re: linguafood

            Pub & Kitchen has outstanding wings. A lot of folks swear by their burger as well, though I actually find it a little too much/too heavy for my system.

            1. re: sockii

              Pub and Kitchen it is. I shall report... in case anyone's interested '-D

              1. re: linguafood

                Pub & Kitchen -- pretty lively, but we managed to get a table. The wings were ok, nothing to write home about, even if it's nice to know they were free-range...

                The burger was good, too, and definitely heavy! I was happy about having to walk afterwards.

                Turns out, btw, that I confused the Nodding Head with the Good Dog -- I've never been to the latter. Ha. Ended up at Fergie's, another regular watering hole of ours.

                Tonight, tho ..... drumroll..... Osteria! Yowzah!

          2. Triumph Brewing Company at 2nd & Chestnut Sts. They brew great beers there and really good pub/bar. Eulogy across the street is a great Belgium bar and great choice, also.

            They are both worth a cab ride or walk.