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Apr 2, 2009 10:16 AM

River Cafe Lunch?

Have been before for lunch and dinner...enjoyed both but not sure I was blown away.

Has anyone been recently for lunch? Deciding if I should consider it for an upcoming celebratory lunch or should just go into Manhattan instead...

Also, what is the price of lunch there - is it only prix fixe or is there a la carte as well?

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    1. We were just there for lunch. Took some out of town(Bay Area) relatives. We and they were very pleased. I don't believe that there was a prix fixe, lunch is à la carte. In fact, we only had entrées (and split their iconic Brooklyn Bridge dessert, which we had trouble finishing between the 5 of us) and were quite satisfied. Note that they add the gratuity on to the check, even on parties of two but I think it was obvious enough that you won't make a mistake. The food and service were up to their high, if not very innovative, caliber. And the view was spectacular. It was not very crowded and it was easy to get a table by the window.

      1. Just ate there this week, during the Dine In Brooklyn Week which ended on Thursday. We had a Prix Fixe lunch at the bargain price of $23. Food was very good as was the service. I can highly recommend the River Cafe. BTW, in our case, the gratuity was not automatically added to the check for our party of two.