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Apr 2, 2009 10:06 AM

Munich and Brussels on a College Student's Budget

I will be visiting Munich at the end of July for a study abroad college trip. I am looking for places in Munich, or surrounding areas, that cannot be missed! I am mainly looking for restaurants with reasonable prices, but can make exceptions for terrific food. The trip consists of visits to Brussels and 2-3 day holidays as well. Information for Brussels and must see cities accessible by day trips will be greatly appreciated too! I really enjoy spending a lot of time out of the "touristy" areas, but I understand that there will probably be some great spots in the touristy parts of town.

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  1. I thought EU9 was pretty cheap for the superb roast pork breast, saurkraut and potato pancake dinner at Weisses Brauhaus in Munich, just down from Marianplatz. You almost can'd go wrong eating this same plated dinner in just about any beer hall in Munich, but Weisses Brauhaus was the best. Sausages are supreme in Germany and often cheaper than most other dinner items, and can be sold in outdoor stands as well. Delicious.

    Can you give some guidelines about what a student budget is these days? There are all sorts of cheap middle eastern places around the Munich trainstation - very good food and some cafeteria type places that looked filling and appealing.

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      Thanks for your reply. I would prefer to not spend over $15 a meal, but don't know if that is possible. What do you think? Should I raise my meal limit a bit (When not ordering this roast pork breast that I have heard so much about. I can't wait to try it!)?

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        Depending from what and how much you are drinking 15€ could/should suffice for Weisses Bräuhaus.
        Two other popular low price spots: Voila and Ruffini:

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          Fantastic! I appreciate the recommendations! Thank you.

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        How do you say "roast pork breast" in German? Schweinbraten brut? Or will they understand it if I ask in English?