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Apr 2, 2009 09:38 AM

Easter Dinner

Looking for someplace north of Boston for Easter dinner. There is 9 of us, so nothing overly expensive, so less than $30 pp would be good.

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  1. Exchange Street bistro in Malden; 3 courses $25/pp

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    1. re: phonelady

      exchange bistro rocks! I used live in malden;))

    2. Bacci's in Stoneham will be open for Easter even though they are not usually open on Sunday. They are a casual place that offers good, basic Italian-American at decent prices. Not sure if they will have a special menu on Easter. They do usually offer a number of specials. I would give them a call and see what's up. They should be comfortably within your price point even with drinks.

      1. Exchange Street Bistro is very good...another option is the Winthrop Arms in Winthrop. Good food and atmosphere.