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Apr 2, 2009 09:37 AM

Celebratory Weekday Lunch Suggestions?

I'm getting admitted to the NY Bar in 2 weeks, and will be looking to go out for a little celebration lunch with my mother and boyfriend afterwards. Admission ceremony is in Brooklyn Heights, but don't feel compelled to stay local.

Would consider River Cafe, but hesitate because I'm sure more than a few of my brethren of other new lawyers will descend there as well.

Delicious, serious food, with a less serious unsuity atmosphere somewhere below midtown would be preferable. EMP? Perry Street? Other thoughts?

Thanks, as always, CHers.

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  1. Since it is a celebration but non-romantic I would immediately think of EMP. One of our absolute favorites in NYC due to quality of food and level of service. It also seems fitting (IMO) for a BAR admission celebration because of the grandeur of the room.

    If you do decide on EMP (and you drink) make sure to start off with the tableside Martini service. A wonderful throw back to a bygone era.