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Apr 2, 2009 09:17 AM

Cheese Curds in Orlando for poutine

Don't ask me why, but I suddenly have decided that I want to try to make some poutine. Had it in Canada and it seems do-able. The fries and gravy are no problem, but all the recipes say that grated mozarella is a poor second choice and that fresh cheese curds are a necessity. Where in the Orlando area can I get them - they are all over the place in Wisconsin.

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  1. I lived near Winter Park until last November, and *think* I saw cheese curds in one of the cheese cases at Whole Foods in WP.

    Also, if the Winter Park Cheese Shop is still around off of Park Ave. then give them a call and see if they can't score you some. Come to think of it, call the cheesemonger at Whole Foods too, they are generally pretty willing to source most of my requests. Don't forget, there is a WF in Dr. Phillips too that is larger, and may also have them.

    1. Also, I don't know if this is verboten at Chowhound or not, but you might also try posting the same question on the Florida board as well.

      1. kudos to you (from a french Canadian). Keep in mind, it's tough to get good curds in Toronto. Good curds squeak when you bite into them. That's the ideal, you'll have to manage with something less than that, which will still be good.

        Authentic, chip stand poutine will be tough to replicate. Aside from the curds, you need the right gravy, which is actually cheapo stuff from a powder base.

        Although it is not authentic, 'high end' poutine has become a trend in some places. Nice fries, demi glace gravy, fancy cheese, braised short rib toppings, etc. If you're not burdened by childhood memories of what a real poutine should taste like, these could be easier to make, while drawing from the original concept.

        Whatever you do, and I wish you luck in sourcing nice curds, remember to put cheese at the bottom, as well as on top. Some places just put the cheese on top of the fries, then the gravy. Nice, but when you get to the second layer of fries, there will be no cheese to make them happy.

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          Thanks - I'm not a native. I had it in Nova Scotia and even bought home several boxes of frozen President's Club poutine. They were not very good, So making it myself will not interfere with childhood memories.


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