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Apr 2, 2009 08:42 AM

Is there anyplace in New Orleans to buy great sausage & Andouille? >>>

I will be in New Orleans for the French Quarter Festival and I do not want to drive to Jacob’s on my way back home.

Thanks for your input,

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  1. Cochon Butcher. On Andrew Higgins directly behind Cochon. House made meats in all shapes and sizes.

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      Great stuff here, here is my post with pics of a lot of their products and prices etc..:

    2. In a In my experience, "great" sausage can not be bought here. It's one of my biggest complaints about New Orleans. We stock up when we go out West to visit family.

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        I have not tried Cochon Butcher but I tend to agree. Boudin in the city tends to be the tame variety. You can get satifsactory suagsage for gumbo but not really the stuff that makes you sit up and take notice. Years ago one of the Langenstein butchers opened a shop on Broadway that really did have great stuff but it didn't last. I think you'd have to go to at least Lutcher and I am on the trail of a place across the Lake---I think it is in Livingston parish (!!!!)--whose samples have been great. And there's Bergeron's in Port Allen, too.

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          You're thinking of Louis Bartus Hungarian Sausage and Pastries in Albany, LA. See

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            turns out to be a place in French Settlement....sausage is grea..headcheese is the best I've had w/o going to Acadiana. Andouille is in icebox now...

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              Referring to Porche's? Looks like the secret's out.

              1. re: N.O.Food

                Not much of a secret, really, but good luck to the uninitiated in finding it. Of course, if another one of those shows comes along with "Hey! ook what unknown place I found!" we'd better start looking elsewhere or be prepared to ride out the surge until another Hot New Spot coomes along.

                Then there is French Settlement Sausage Co....

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                  You're exactly right. It's tough to find even if you know where it is. How did you come to know about it? My wife's family is from French Settlement, and my wife's grandmother taught Mr. Porche in elementary school. I want to ask him to teach me how to make the sausage, but I just don't have the time whether or not he'd be willing to show me. I'm afraid he'll retire and that'll be the end of it. We get over there once every couple of months to stock up. FWIW, I don't think any show will be scoping out Porche's any time soon. I think it's just too far off the beaten path.

                  1. re: N.O.Food

                    A friend's mother has been buying from them for years and years & I always put in orders with them but finally went over there myself. I figure on making monthly raids. One of the few places I know of that has the red boudin.

              2. re: hazelhurst

                Actually Bartus is closer to Hungarian Settlement, not French Settlement. Just off I-12 and LA 43. French Settlement is nearly 40 miles from here.

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                  We're talking about Porche's in French Settlement.

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            we are planning a trip out west...where do you recommend for great sausages?

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              N.O.Food . . . and anyone else for that matter . . .

              I'm looking to purchase andouille and have it shipped to me in Chicago overnight from Louisiana. I make a lot of gumbo and jambalaya and there's a brand from Louisiana sold in Chicago by the name of Thibodeaux Cajun Foods. It's fine and all, but I'm no andouille expert so I'm looking for some help because the andouille is my favorite element in both dishes.

              I like smokiness and good heat, but what would you say are characteristics of an authentic and good quality andouille?

              And who in Louisiana makes the best andouille? (doesn't need to be just one place . . . I'd really like to sample at least a few). Thanks in advance for the help.

              1. re: BRB

                Most ex-pats I know use Best Stop but the shipping is outrageous. I'm always hauling an ice chest full of the stop on trips out-of-state and then my friends just freeze it. the good thing about Best Stop's andouille, apart from its excellent flavor, is that it is tight and holds up in gumbo etc.

                1. re: BRB

                  Hmmm. I've never had any shipped before so I'm not much help there. I'll take some crap for this, but I've got to admit I'm not a huge andouille fan. I find that it gets dry when you cook it in gumbo or beans because they take so long to cook. It wouldn't be a problem if I added the sausage at the end, but I like to cook it in the mix the whole time. Therefore, I like smoked sausage in dishes that take a while to cook. Porche's smoked sausage is the best I've ever had, and I've done my best to try as many sausages as possible. It is very smoky, and I like that. However, some folks may not. Here's Porche's number (225) 698-6229. Give em a call. They might ship, they might not. It's a very small mom and pop shop so they might not be willing to ship, but who knows? Give it a try. Like Hazel said, shipping will probably be outrageous. Heck, it costs 20 bucks to overnight a letter. Sausage holds up very well so you could easily get by with a three day shipment, I would think. That would make it a bit cheaper.

                  As to what makes good andouille. Levels of spice and smoke vary, but the thing that distinguishes andouille is the coarseness of the ground pork. The pieces of ground pork in most andouilles are between 1/4 and 3/8 of an inch. That goes for pieces of meat and fat. That's what makes andouille andouille. Regular smoked sausage has a lot finer grind, and I assume it has more fat in it. Like I said earlier, it holds up better in things that take a long time to cook. If you call Porche's get some of both. Also ask about their head cheese. It's excellent, too. They have spicy and mild. I like both. They also have good tasso. Good luck.

                  1. re: N.O.Food

                    You raise good points about cooking sausage...some fall apart ,and Porche's sausage holds up well, while the andouille tends to break--this is, emphatically NOT a knock on them...their andouille (according to parole evidence) is great for breaks up---and this is not bad for that item. Best Stop andouille does not break apart (see comments supra). Porche has the small diamter andouille.... Best Stop has a thick, dense packed offering.

                    As to the matter of cooking sausage into the mix from the beginning, well, I can certainly see that there is a problem with becoming dry. My answer is to strip the casing, use the innards early on, then add the remainding sliced sausage to flavor a bit and to be savory bites. Like adding oysters at the last minute

                    Just a few thoughts...I invite responses

                    1. re: hazelhurst

                      Thank you all . . . all of the info is very helpful. I'm going to contact all of these places. But I understand that while Jacob's ships, Wayne Jacob's does not . . . anyone have more intel on this? I think I read that on E Gullet.

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                        Do you think some hold up better than others because they use some sort of binding agent? I assume that Porche's doesn't use any type of additives in their products. I can't say the same about some of the others, such as Jacob's. I've heard that most places add preservatives to comply with FDA regulations. Anyone know the facts?

                        Additives or not, I just like smoked sausage better than andouille. Not to say I don't like andouille, I do. I just find it doesn't work as well for the way I like to cook, and I like a fattier sausage. You're right about adding more at the end, though. That works fine.

                        BRB, I think the best thing to do is just order from all of them and try them all for yourself. It'll be fun. If Porche's will ship, get some smoked and andouille.

                        1. re: N.O.Food

                          That's exactly what I'm going to do. My current plan is to try Porche's, Best Stop and Jacob's. My understanding is that Jacob's uses preservatives which allow it to be certified safe for shipping by the FDA, and that Wayne Jacob's andouille does not, meaning a shorter life span and no shipping. I'd bet this would also distinguish WJ's from Porche's and Best Stop (assuming they ship). In any event, I'm not convinced that what I'm getting in Chicago is the best andouille I can find so now it's time to find out. I started ordering freshly stone ground grits from South Carolina a couple of years ago for the same reason. Thanks all for the help . . . I'll report back one of these days after I've had the chance to try all of these.

                          1. re: N.O.Food

                            I don't know---but my experience suggests that the bigger the hunks of meat inside the casing, the more likley it is to crumble. The Best Stop andoiulle is very tight but damned if I could tell you what setting they have the grinder on. I'll ask them the next time I am there. I'll ask Mr Porche, too.

                            You can't go wrong with Porche's sausage, though, and as I said earlier, his head cheese is great. I tend to like the lighter-color type in Evangeline Parish but his is damn good. ( I took some to Alabama as a hostess present but, despite having lived here, she wass not thrilled so I ate it.)

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                                We're not talking about poche's.

                                1. re: N.O.Food

                                  It's an easy confusion...glad it got put out there. Poche's (at the Bridge) is a pretty good place..or was, the last time I went. It became more tourst-y than I like but the flks there aare (were) very nice and you sure could do a lot worse. In that area, though, I go to Webster's or Babineaux. (I have entered a raffle for Young Cattlemen of LA..the prize is some sort of Uber-Steer and if I win he is headed for Babineaux right after we fatten him up. Then we hang his carcass for thirty-five or thrity six or thhirty-seven days---My Cattle Baron Consortium is working out the details. The all we need is refrigeration/freezer capacity Ain't n reason we cannot make Firts Class USDA Prime--by the OLD standards. I'm looking forward to getting into really serious trouble.)

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                        Try Wayne Jacobs smokehouse in Laplace--excellent andouille.

                        Wayne Jacob's Smokehouse & Restaurant
                        769 W 5th St, La Place, LA 70068

                    2. If you crave Jacob's and don't want to drive there you can try and beg the crew at Luke to sell you a couple pounds for a somewhat decent price as they stock it for their breakfast menu.

                      Second Bergeron's as well...


                      1. Martin's Wine Cellar in Metairie has Jacob's andouille, albeit with a pretty stiff "convenience markup", compared to La Place prices.

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                          I'll give that a shot! I know that the hogs head cheese they sell at Martin's is the best I've ever had. Is that by Jacob's also?

                        2. Creole Country located on David Street in Mid City.