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Apr 2, 2009 08:23 AM

New Burger Place in Boise

Has anyone tried the new french try/burger place in Boise...Idaho Fry Company? It is on Broadway near another new place...Ali Baba. If you have tried either restaurant I would appreciate your comments. Nice to see something new open! Also, any other suggestions for great burgers would be appreciated. I think the best I have had here is at Bardenay on Grove in Boise.

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  1. You go to this place for one reason, the fries. They have a large selection of fries and sauces to go with.

    Burgers are good (not great) but it is primarily an atmo where you can get a pitcher of beer a large bowl of fries and sit around for an hour or so.

    1. The decor wasn't what I was expecting. When I heard beer was served there, I had a homelier or more brewpubish look in my head. But it's quite clinical looking in there.

      My bison burger was alright. Nothing to write home about, but the veggie burger was quite good actually. I had heard/read a few raves, and it was worth the hype. I found it to be tastier than my bison burger. Someone else figured they threw MSG in it to enhance the taste, but that's just speculation. The prices were a little higher than I would've liked, which would've been OK if they were more large than small. But they're on the small side.

      I enjoyed the Okinawan fries the most. Thick-cut and sweet. The more traditional potato offerings weren't as good. Try to go earlier in the day when all all of the potato options are available since they can run out. Roughly ten different sauces and ten different seasonings. When I go back I'll only be going for the fries, and maybe a beer.

      I couldn't tell you about burgers at more upscale places, but my top 2 fast-food ones are Big Jud's and Bad Boy. And the fries at Big Jud's are thick and hand-cut, which is REALLY appreciated.

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        What are you other suggestions? I like Bardenay for burgers...

        We're going to The Gamekeeper next week...last week before closing. Will be missed.

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          Wow, that is a bummer! While I stick to the veg options. My dining companions enjoy the burgers at Willow Creek, Red Feather, Bardenay and Busters (of all places).

          Here's the website by the way

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            I never did make it to The Gamekeeper apart from the lounge. I'm not exactly rolling in the dough right now, and everyone I know on a very close basis is going through some sort of financial hardship where eating out is a rare treat and confined more to a taqueria or one of the cheaper brewpubs than a Chandler's or Cottonwood Grille. If I do splurge, it's more for the 2-3 times a year I head back to L.A. and pig out on fresh sushi and food that's either done horribly here (Chinese) or just meh (ramen) or not even remotely available (Korean fried chicken, okonomiyaki).

            When I do end up going someplace casual that's a step up from fast food like a Red Feather, I never order burgers there. So my experience is confined to fast food. I guess I can tell you the burger places that I WOULDN'T recommend: Viking on State, Pac-Out on Bogus Basin, TJ's on Cole (they said in their ad in the phone book that they're just like In-N-Out.....HA!), and Good Times on Milwaukee. There's also Boobies on Ustick that got a writeup in the Statesman and a segment on Channel 7. If you're aware of Tommy's Burgers that are in So Cal and Vegas, they're like that. Just not as good and more expensive. And they really skimp on the chili. Plus they don't even have fries! That's heresy! They give you tortilla chips to scoop up the chili, which is pointless since they put so little chili on the burger.

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              Have you tried Westside Drive-in? I have enjoyed what I've tried there (veg burger, salads fries, shake).

              1. re: enbell

                It's at most a 10-minute walk from where I live. I've been happy going there for the most part, but the pricing makes it an occasional stop at best. I really enjoy the Pepsi ribs, sweet potato fries, and the Club Focaccia (which is huge). The only misstep was the fish and chips, which were horrible (they don't even use the right fries for fish and chips). I still haven't found good fish and chips here. And the Kilted Kod trailer that drives around doesn't count-- very overrated by the locals.

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                  I wonder of the Hawaiian Ono restaurant on Broadway has good fish options seeing as how they tout their authenticity....
                  Have you eaten at WillowCreek?

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                    I think anyone who is gonna have fresh fish here is going to have some sort of direct connection between port city and here that bypasses the middle men that usually handle the food. Seeing as how Boise gets their fish a day later than the port cities, this can be some prized info. Usually that kind of info (or what days restaurants get their fish shipped in) is reserved for their better or more regular customers who will get dibs on the freshest fish. But I haven't been throwing around the kind of money needed for info like this.

                    Never been to Willow Creek but coincidentally was taken to Raw next door for a free dinner at the end of May.The fish was alright (some fresh, some not so fresh), but too expensive for what was being charged, and the cutting of the fish wasn't the best. Not a Japanese or even Asian staff person in sight. I asked if ankimo was in season and got a blank stare from my server, which didn't surprise me in the least. I will not be returning unless my meal is comped again.

        2. Years ago (in the 70's and 80's), I used to get to Boise fairly often. There was a little place on the west side of town (I think) that was called the Dutch Oven (or at least the "Dutch" something). When you walked in the door, they threw a burger on the grill for you...that's all they had. And they liked to cook it well done, even if you asked for it rare. When they ran out of burgers, they closed for the day, often by 2 p.m. A place with real character, if not great food.

          I assume it's long gone...anyone else have memories fo this place?

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            Maybe the Dutch Goose on State...just east of 36th street?

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              The Dutch Oven still exists. It is located on Orchard, between Emerald and Franklin. It is open for breakfast and lunch. Breakfast consists of 2 sourdough pancakes, 2 eggs and your choice of sausage links, bacon or ham (depending on what is available that day), fruit salad (the kind that comes from a can) and coffee for about $7. Lunch is a burger and a bowl of fruit salad. The owner John (can't remember his last name) was quite a character, but he is now in a retirement home and no longer cooks at the restaurant, though I hear he still stops by once or twice a week. I can't remember his name, but both the cook and other customers, most of whom are longtime regulars, will be happy to share a few stories about him with you. I recently went to the Dutch Oven for the first time in years and had a great time. The only thing that's changed is that the cook who runs the restaurant will cook your meal to order, whereas John would only do so if he liked you. If not, you were getting it done his way.

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                The owners name was Tom, not John, and part of the charm was that Tom ALWAYS remembered everybody's name, where they were from and what they did for a living. I live in MT but get to Boise several times a year and have been to the DO many times for Breakfast and lunch. A real piece of Americana. Last time I was there was a year or so ago and old Tom was there swapping stories with the regulars. Great Place...5 stars!

              1. I finally made it to Idaho Fry Company. Their vegan patty is definitely hand made and definitely unique. I think it has a black bean base with a variety of other grains to provide a grainy, nuttyish texture (does that make sense?). It also has quite a good amount of bite to it, but I'm no sirracha conessiur just to be clear. The patty (as do its meaty counterparts) comes with picked red onions and leafy greens. SO far, so good. What lost me was the bun. It's just too, well, bready. The texture may be better for a meat patty, I am not sure. I tried purple fries and sprinkled them with garlic and rosemary but there are a variety of herb and sauce options as well as potato options. I think I spent around $10 for the veg burger and small purple fries. The meat patties cost a little more.
                I'd go back - especially to try the other kinds of fries.

                Idaho Fry Company
                111 Broadway Suite 111, Boise, ID 83702

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                  I think it's quinoa that is in those burgers. I don't think they're spouted, I think they're cooked. The vegan burgers are the bomb.