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Apr 2, 2009 08:08 AM

Peruvian Peppers - Aji Amarillo?

Does anyone know where I can buy these peppers? They are integral to a Peruvian dish I want to make...Papa a la Huancaina. I have seen powdered and canned peppers but I'd really like to find some fresh ones. Thanks so much!!!

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  1. Sorry, I don't know where you can find them, but I did come across a source that sells a huge variety of pepper and tomato plants, in case you want to try growing your own this summer. I saved the link because they sell a such a wide selection. Maybe they have some suggestions for you. They are located in Rosemont, NJ, not far from Lambertville and ship all over.

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      Mschow, how funny, that's what I did last year! I bought some pepper plants and grew them myself. The only problem is that I have a black thumb and after all my time and effort I think I harvested a grand total of 3 viable peppers... I was hoping to just but them but if not I may have to resort to this again. Thanks!

    2. Can they be dried?
      There is a mexican grocery at 10th & Tasker that has a basement with 40+ kinds of peppers. Most are dried, though. Other mexican groceries in South Philly may have what you're looking for, as well, but it might take some work to find which ones.

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        I'm not sure, maybe I can re-hydrate them and then use them. I leaned how to make the dish in Peru using the fresh peppers. There is just something about the fresh peppers that lends the dish the right texture and bite.

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          I may be able to help. My wife went to Peru in the summer of '08 and brought me back dried peppers. This year we germinated the seeds and are growing them. They are all still green and we are still waiting for them to change color. The dried ones were both yellow and dark purple so until they turn I won't know which one(s) we got. It looks like we are going to have a lot of these things.

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            Wow, that's cool. How did the peppers turn out?

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              It has been tough. They still haven't turned color yet. Some plants we were able to transplant and move indoors and are hoping a space heater and plenty of sunlight will finish them (the temp has gone below freezing twice recently). The plants we couldn't transfer we picked the peppers on Sunday and they are still green and we haven't figured out what to do with them yet. There are so many we should just cut a green one up and see what we have before we get too busy with them. It was such a rainy and cool summer in the Poconos that all of our peppers are a bit goofy. The jalapenos, while turning a really cool red, had no bite to them. Out Thai peppers are perfect. The habaneros are only now turning red and orange. Everything was so late this year.

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