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Apr 2, 2009 08:08 AM

Best takeout BBQ in downtown Manhattan?

Am hosting NCAA Final Four dinner for a group of around 10 people, would like to bring in some good BBQ. Would prefer a place that delivers (we live in the Village) but I'd pick up if necessary. What are your favorites? NOT Dallas BBQ on 2nd avenue, please --- I know we can do much better than that stuff!

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  1. Hill Country, without a doubt. Authentic texan BBQ. Their brisket is amazing.

      1. I'd second the Hill Country recommendation, although it can get pricy rather quickly. The brisket is pretty amazing though and the hot links are excellent. Here is a review I wrote (with pictures):

        R.U.B. BBQ on 23rd Street is pretty good too. The burnt ends, ribs and baked beans are top notch.


        1. Agree with Hill Country. Their food delivers well and its great for a large group of people.

          1. agree with daisy may. they will deliver anywhere in manhattan. just call before 7pm.
            sooo much better than hill country and rub, IMO. try the dry rub. YUM!

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              I had the worst beef ribs ever at Hill Country. They charge by the pound and we spent a fortune on a bunch of charred bones, with (I am not exaggerating) two burnt strips of "meat" on the sides of each bone, which went down maybe only one fourth of the size of the bone. the "meat" tasted like charcoal. One of the sides I got tasted sour.

              The other barbecue we got was not memorable either. The waitress was nice. That was about the only redeeming thing about the place. If you do takeout you don't even get that.
              I would not recommend this place to anyone. Worst bbq in NYC by far. Might as well just get some charcoal delivered from the supermarket. It might taste better than Hill Country.

              1. re: dec111

                Purely because of location and ease (and because this particular group will eat almost anything), we wound up with Blue Smoke. Some of it was quite good --- the ribs were demolished right away, and the pulled pork also made everyone happy. The chicken was horrible. Side dishes were definitely OK, I had to order some salads for the health-conscious and even that was good, unusual for a BBQ place, IMO. And while not relevant to the topic, dessert was Graeter's ice cream from Cincinnati, shipped on dry ice from one of the group. I try to avoid dessert this rich and caloric, but this stuff is to die for.