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Apr 2, 2009 08:06 AM

upper east brunch

Need a place for brunch this Sunday, preferably one that will take reservations for a group of six (including two teens), moderately priced. The after brunch destination is the Met, but I know the immediate 'hood is a culinary no-go zone. Happy to venture east to York, 2nd, etc.

Thanks from a Boston board regular

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  1. Not totally a "no-go zone," but you're right, not many good choices. I live just north of the Met, and I love the brunch and ambinace at Pascalou, a good neighborhood bistro. Also reasonably priced: the prix fixe brunch is $15.95, which includes a drink, and there is also an extensive a la carte menu at brunch. If you do reserve, be sure to ask for a downstairs table. The upstairs is a bit low-ceilinged and cramped.

    1. I like Fetch on 3rd around 91st - very casual (which might be good for the teens), good food, and good prices. And they do take reservations for large groups.

      1. My suggestion is to go to Square Meal, on 92nd between 5th & Madison.

        1. My recommendation is Cafe D'Alsace on 88th and 2nd (212.722.5133‎). Food is very good and prices are moderate. Think you will have better luck here than some of the other places in the area. Fetch is more of a bar, so I wouldn't recommend. Alternatively, you could look at Barking Dog on 94th and 3rd (212.831.1800‎), but beware, they don't accept credit cards.

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            I don't think there is a good brunch place on the UES. Terrible food. Payard is not bad though.

            1. re: babaganoushface

              That's a pretty broad generalization for a geographic area that represents a large slice of Manhattan. Any of the above suggestions would be lovely for someone planning on going to the Met after brunch. I would add Atlantic Grill, on Third Ave. between 76th & 77th for a fun, friendly, reliably good and very reasonably priced brunch (both lunch and brunch type choices).

              Payard is not moderately priced, as requested. I've never eaten there, but my impression is that it is kind of a formal place to bring 2 teens.

              1. re: City Kid

                i's sad. terrible restaurants in ues. payard is moderately priced. it's not that formal.

                1. re: babaganoushface

                  Depends on your definition of moderate, but a lot of people might consider $25 for brunch (Payard) beyond that range. It is a "ladies who lunch" sort of place and while it may have good food, I definitely do not think teenagers would find it fun.

            2. re: NYCFoodie82

              another vote for cafe d'alsace and square meal! payard probably not the place for teens (unless they could work as extras on gossip girl!) but their pastries and brioche/croissants are divine.

            3. Agree w/the Cafe d'Alsace and Fetch Recs. Uptown is also pretty good.