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Apr 2, 2009 08:00 AM

DC Restaurants,Help Me Choose

Spending four nights in DC, need to choose restaurants for dinner and some lunches. Please help me choose from a narrowed list.

Central Michel Richard
Founding Farmers
The Source
Blue Duck Tavern

Are any of the above better for lunch? Other suggestions welcome.

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  1. Central isn't necassarily better for lunch, but their lunch menu is still very good.

    I hear great things about Rasika and have been wanting to go there--so I would put that on my list.

    On your list I would choose Central, Rasika, and Proof. I would probably add something else in maybe Hook for seafood or Ethiopian if you are into that type of food.

    I would also recommend PS7 and Corduroy---2 of my favorite restaurants in town and in similar price-ranges as your above list.

    1. Rasika is absolutely wonderful. The food is innovative and we have had excellent service. I would go for dinner.

      Central is also one of our absolute favorites. We go often. I love the rabbit, the mustard gravy served with it is an excellent example of gravy in my humble opinion, it is light, not too much mustard, just a very delicate balance of flavor.

      If you go to Blue Duck make sure to get the grits as a side they are really good.

      I think if you wanted to save a little money you could go to the Source for lunch, I think Founding Farmers would probably be good for lunch, as well.

      1. Nice list. I would do Proof for dinner assuming you're a wine drinker. We had a really impressive dinner at Proof a few weeks ago.

        Also consider adding Corduroy and Komi (if you can get a reservation). The food at Corduroy is terrific. I've never been to Komi, but most people rave about it.

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        1. re: jaydreb

          3.Founding Farmers


          NOT Blue Duck Tavern, in my opinion it is overrated.

          1. re: chicken kabob

            I have to disagree about Blue Duck Tavern. The last time I was there I had delicious food and excellent service. IMO the braised beef shortribs were the best I've had anywhere in DC. So, I would definitely keep it on your list. I would probably go for dinner though - I think the food is a little heavy for lunch.

            1. re: dcfoodie13

              Blue Duck Tavern is a meat-eater's delight. It's not for the faint of heart.

              1. re: Ericandblueboy

                Oh is it ever, when they bring you that big plate of meat my heart almost stops out of pure delight hahahahha. Oh but it is good.

                1. re: ktmoomau

                  I've had good lunches at Blue Duck, and excellent--nay, sublime--dinner at Komi. Both are good for carnivores: he braised beef rib with a side of mashed potatoes for lunch at Blue Duck, and the goat at Komi.

        2. Founding Farmers is good for what it is: ok versions of American classics, from meatloaf to chicken pot pie to fajitas. Throw in some hip cocktails, hip decor, and low (for downtown) prices, and you have a very useful place to know about. I like it.

          Rasika is a Euro take on Indian food. They have one stellar dish of crispy spinach and some other really tasty treats. Another place I like, but it doesn't blow me away like straight up Indian can.

          Central is a great bistro. One of my favorite places downotown. You can actually do even better for yourself by sitting in the Lounge at Citronelle, which has a small selection but better execution. And if you are talking about Source prices, you may even consider the formal dining room at Citronelle.

          Source is quite good for Asian fusion. Some really exquisite ingredients. I still prefer straight up Asian, but it's a very refined experience.

          Are you missing anything? Yes, Black Salt for seafood. But it is not in a downtown location.

          As always, try to do a search on this board for menu recommendations. You'll always do better that way.

          1. 4 nights and 4 days makes 8 meals and only 6 places listed!

            Rasika is great my wife says, and she knows her food. I'd definitely go there.

            Central Michel Richard is wonderful and has loads to offer. Worthy of a lunch or a dinner, but I'd save the dinners for other stuff myself.

            Proof is good and a worthy choice, but I think there are better options in the city (have you considered Brasserie Beck?)

            Blue Duck Tavern is not overrated IMO, it is quite good. Nothing earth shatteringly good, but still delicious. Worth a dinner, but I still have other favorites I'd steer you to.

            Sorry I have no experience with The Source or Founding Farmers.

            Some other places to consider -- Komi, Palena, BlackSalt, Dino, Taberna del Alabardero or Obelisk.

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            1. re: Pool Boy

              I'm getting ready for DC and have decided on Proof, Central,Founding Farmers and Rasika for my 4 nights or should I replace Zaytinya and maybe Oya for Founding Farmers and Central. Then I could try Central or FF for lunch. It seems my other considerations Blue Duck Tavern and The Source get mixed reviews? Last minute comments welcome