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Apr 2, 2009 07:44 AM

new Indian restaurant in Bala Cynwyd?

Has anyone tried the new Indian restaurant on Montgomary Ave in Bala?

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  1. My teenage daughter has been...she really liked the nan said the rest was OK not as good as Khajauro... but its a lot closer (at least for us)...I have peeked inside and it smelled good in there! I'm planning to try it for take out maybe this weekend.

    1. OK so here's the report on take-out from the Saffron Kitchen (new Indian BYOB in Bala Cynwyd just opposite the Starbucks/Shangrila Inn on Montgomery ave).

      First of all, if you are thinking of eating there, know that the place was PACKED with a line of people waiting for tables and it was super noisy. Saffron Kitchen does not have the quiet, elegant atmosphere of Khajuaro in Ardmore (the only other Indian place I know of on the Eastern Main Line). It's a little more along the lines of Auspicious in Ardmore, somewhat modern and plainly decorated. For me, take out will be the way to go as I can practically walk there.

      Based on our dinner last night, I'd say that Saffon offers pretty middle of the road Indian food. You probably wont say "Wow" but it was tasty enough if a little lacking in spice. The best of the three entrees we had was the Lamb Roganjish, very tender lamb in a tomato-ey sauce nicely flavored with a little bit of spiciness. Other things we had were Chicken Tikka Masala and Saag paneer. I liked the Garlic Nan. The only thing I tried that I didn't like were the mixed pickles (perhaps they are an acquired taste?) very pungent. I almost spit them out.

      For those vegeterians out there, I'll note there is an entire section of the menu devoted to "vegetarian delights" ( a dozen or so entrees priced at $9-$12). Everything was served with basmati rice and mango chutney (yum)

      Anyway, for the prices (our entrees were $11-$14) we will be back for takeout, but when we want to a sit down Indian meal on the main line we'll take the time to drive to Khajauro..

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        thank you so much - I think I'll try it for lunch this week - perhaps is will be less crowded

      2. I visited the restaurant last Wednesday with a friend. The food was good and the service attentive. I had a Mango Lassi with Lamb Vindaloo and Garlic Nan. My food was good and well-seasoned.

        In the past, I usually went to Minar Palace in Center City but haven't been back since they relocated.

        1. Just wanted to update my report on Saffron. We've had their takeout a couple of times now, but based on last experience will probably cross it off our list.

          The pint sized containers of lamb and chicken that we ordered were 50% meat and 50% sauce. There just wasn't enough meat in the dishes, and at $15 for the lamb and $13 for the chicken, we felt cheated. There was so much sauce left over, that we sauted up a package of chicken breasts from the grocery store and used the sauce on it.

          We did not have the same problem with the vegetarian entree, kadai paneer makhani, which was packed to the top with paneer and veggies.

          Saffron...if you are reading this...please stop skimping on the meat!!