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Apr 2, 2009 07:13 AM

Fresh yeast?

Does anyone know where to get fresh yeast in the city? Are there any bakeries or specialty stores that carry it, preferably in the downtown area?

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  1. Benna's Bakery on Roncessvales usually has some stocked in the fridge, next to the dairy.

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      Whole Foods on Avenue has it. However, it is not sold off the shelves. Just go to the bakery department and they will sell you some from the kitchen.

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        Thanks for the suggestions. For whatever reason, I didn't notice these replies and ended up going to Cafe Tre Marie on St Clair (nice place - they had some fresh-baked foccacia on their shelves that smelled amazing). Next time, I'll probably go to Benna's or Whole Foods, though, so I can avoid the uphill bike ride.

    2. Riviera Bakery Ltd (in Little Italy)
      576 College St (at Manning Ave) Toronto
      (416) 537-3465

      1. Mozza to Go on Melrose and Highland carries it all the time. $2.00 an oz.

        That is the only retail outlet that I've found carries it consistently. Around Christmas you can often find it at Ralph's, but you have to really search for it as the employees don't usually even know what it is.

        1. I was reading BlogTo and they had a review of a new bakery around Eglington/Avenue road, in the pictures you can see a menu board that says "2 lbs of fresh yeast $4.99"

          Boulangerie St. George

          1. I went by today as a result of this post. Bought a really tasty cheese croissant for $2.50 and 2 banana bread pastry thingme's for $2 each.

            The had a lot of different breads and some samples to taste, which were very fresh and absolutely delicious. The woman at the counter was very friendly and I liked the whole vibe of this bakery. I wanted a caraway rye bread but they don't make that yet but said they do try to respond to customer requests if there is enough demand.

            They yeast they sell is a brick of yeast that they buy from somewhere else. I was looking for more of a starter that you constantly feed and can keep for years. But, in any event, fresh yeast is way better than the dry stuff most people use these days.

            I'll be back for sure!

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              Couldn't you make a fresh starter from the fresh yeast and constantly feed and keep it for years? Granted, you wouldn't need an entire brick of fresh yeast, but you could probably divide it up amongst friends and keep enough for yourself to make whatever doesn't require your sour starter.