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Apr 2, 2009 07:09 AM

kitchen storage sizes

I'm looking at these square OXO pop containers for pantry storage.

Any clue what sizes would be most useful? For pasta, flour, brown sugar, rice, etc.
Hard to judge the measurements.

Anyone have these containers? The only thing unappealing about them to me is that they say hand-wash.

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  1. I have them and use them for pantry storage. I like the stackability and the (somewhat) air tight seal.

    I like the 2.4 qt. size for most items, but it is too small for a 5 lb. bag of flour. I usually buy rice, couscous, beans, and so forth in bulk so I can eyeball how much to buy.

    1. I buy flour in five pound bags, and sugar in two pound bags, so you will need to eyeball it to be sure that it all fits in. You need to see them, or else approximate the volume based on the measurement. Rice, on the other hand, I buy in very large sizes and use very large containers to store it in.

      I'd go for at least two of the largest for flour and sugar, and go down from there.

      How often would you be washing these things anyway? Only when they are emptied, I assume.

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        I store a lot of my staples in Cambro containers - find them at a restaurant supply house.. I like the clear polycarb variety. The things are built like a brick s**thouse, and don't absorb flavors or scratch easily... and not that expensive..

        I've had a few of my 4-qt containers "appropriated" by my girlfriend..

        1. re: grant.cook

          Cambro containers can NOT be beaten. They're widely used in the food service industry. Totally food safe plastic, can go in the DW, MW, Freezer. Virtually indestructible and come in every size imaginable. Clear and also frosted plastics. Square or round.

          I especially like that they have volume markings on the sides so that you know exactly how much is in them. They stack securely to save space, AND the empties actually NEST to save even more room.
          It's really worthwhile to start acquiring these. Not that expensive and you can always add to your collection over the years.

      2. I have some of these I use for flour. The large square one is just the right size for 5 lbs and the white lids are easily labeled to keep all the flours straight. Not a big deal to clean(but I don't put anything besides my dishes, flatware and glasses through the dishwasher anyhow so never would have thought to not handwash these). Seals stay tight.

        I'm going to replace some of my other containers with more of these I like them so much. Trying to figure out which sizes to buy myself. I did pick up one of hte tall skinny ones for dry pasta but haven't stocked it up yet.

        1. I'm a third to recommend the Cambro containers . I use them for flour, sugar, and the round ones for everything else. I have one of the OXO you asked about, but only use it for cookies. The gal that checked me out, at BB&B said she liked them, but don't drop it, as it will be a goner!

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          1. re: Mother of four

            Another good thing about Cambro is that they are immune to trends so they stay the same over the years. Food service isn't going to put up with changes to shapes and sizes in a busy kitchen. All the tops fit everything so there's no hunting around. Things I've bought recently work with Cambro stuff I've had for decades, and the tops are still tight as can be.
            You can buy new tops if you lose one.
            Companies that cater to the mass market change shapes and colors to keep up with trends and fashion so people will buy the latest thing.