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Exton Area Butcher

First off, I did attempt to search the forum to find the information I am looking for but did not find what I want.

So here goes: does anyone know of a place in the Exton area where I can get tongue, heart, liver, kidneys, tripe and other "exotic" meats? I am looking for a trusted and reliable source, considering this is offal I am looking for.

Addtionally, I am also looking for places that sell rabbit, kid and other tasty morsels.

I want to cook these myself, so pointing out restaurants will not help.

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  1. Try Worrell's Butcher in Malvern proper (on King Street). You might need to order some things, but they should be able to accommodate you.

    1. Try The Country Butcher in Kennett Square. Again, you will probably have to order anything you want but they are a top rate butcher.

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      1. Hi,

        I was at the Shoprite in Wilmington a few weeks ago and they had what you're looking for, tongue, tripe, etc.
        I think the Shoprite in West Chester also has offal and I've seen goat meat at Shoprite as well.

        1. I'd go w/ either Worrell's in Malvern or Country Burcher in Kennett.
          Never seen any game at Colonial meat market in West Chester and Shoprite in WEst Chester has lots of unusual animal parts - but never seen game meat

          1. The Lancaster Farmer's Market in Wayne has some of what you are looking for. Definitely rabbit, calf's liver regularly. Never seen kid, but I bet when they butcher they have tongue, heart, kidneys. That said, I've never asked.

            1. Im a little surprised by the reccomendations on Worrels , I have treid this place 2 or 3 times and have walked out each time , the place smells and the place is dirty ...2 things you never want in a butcher shop , country butcher is nice but has certainly declined in the last 6-7 years , I prefer Westtown meats in West Chester ....oh and Colonial Village is good for chicken but I would not buy anything else there

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                I totally disagree with you about the Country Butcher. The prime meats there are as good as they've ever been, and their service is second to none. Their store-made products are excellent. What, exactly, do you believe has gone downhill over the past few years? And where is Westtown Meats? Is that the little place on the hill on Rt. 202 as you drive south out of WC?

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                  I guess all things are subjective but to me 10 years ago the steaks at Country Butcher were superb , it seems that they either don't or can't get the highest quality any more , I still buy sausage and store made items there if I am out in that area , yes Westtown is the little place up on the hill as yo are leaving West Chester , small little shop where you get to know the butcher and his wife within 10 seconds of walking in , also a pretty good hoagie

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                  Based on your post, smobron, I stopped into Westtown Meats this afternoon. I was totally and completely underwhelmed. I was looking for a couple of steaks to toss on the grill for dinner. Yes, there were some steaks in the meat counter, but absolutely nothing like the selection and quality I'm used to seeing at the Country Butcher. Westtown Meats seems to be much more a deli than a meat market. The beef is prime, but it all looked like it had been sitting there for far too long. I did buy a couple of T-bones on sale, but there's no reason for me to ever go back there. There was nothing appealing about the place.

                  Smobron, I'm guessing that either you haven't been to Country Butcher in a long time, or you have a financial stake in Westtown Meats. I'd even shop at Colonial Meat Market before I'd go back to Westtown. In fact, there's no reason for me to ever go back.

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                    Sorry you had a negative visit, I guess to each his own , I have no "stake " in anything , I guess as another Chowhound pointed out to me that is why we have chocolate and vanilla

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                      Exactly! And it's always interesting, I think, following the tips of other CHers.