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Apr 2, 2009 06:59 AM

Exton Area Butcher

First off, I did attempt to search the forum to find the information I am looking for but did not find what I want.

So here goes: does anyone know of a place in the Exton area where I can get tongue, heart, liver, kidneys, tripe and other "exotic" meats? I am looking for a trusted and reliable source, considering this is offal I am looking for.

Addtionally, I am also looking for places that sell rabbit, kid and other tasty morsels.

I want to cook these myself, so pointing out restaurants will not help.

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  1. Try Worrell's Butcher in Malvern proper (on King Street). You might need to order some things, but they should be able to accommodate you.

    1. Try The Country Butcher in Kennett Square. Again, you will probably have to order anything you want but they are a top rate butcher.

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      1. Hi,

        I was at the Shoprite in Wilmington a few weeks ago and they had what you're looking for, tongue, tripe, etc.
        I think the Shoprite in West Chester also has offal and I've seen goat meat at Shoprite as well.

        1. I'd go w/ either Worrell's in Malvern or Country Burcher in Kennett.
          Never seen any game at Colonial meat market in West Chester and Shoprite in WEst Chester has lots of unusual animal parts - but never seen game meat

          1. The Lancaster Farmer's Market in Wayne has some of what you are looking for. Definitely rabbit, calf's liver regularly. Never seen kid, but I bet when they butcher they have tongue, heart, kidneys. That said, I've never asked.