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Apr 2, 2009 06:49 AM


Good morning! Just wondering if anyone has any sort of "scoop" regardind the Spirited Dinners to be held Thursday, July 9. The website for the event tells you to call your participating restaurant to make reservations for this event. Usually they have a menu so that you know what sort of cocktails and cuisine you will be partaking in. Last year by the time the menus came out, all of our favorite spots were booked, so just wanted any tips, insight, or information that anyone may have on these dinners (or other events) We attended several events last year and had a fabulous time so I dont want to miss out on the dinners again. Thanks in advance!

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  1. Best bet is this. If you really want to go to a spot, call now. You can always change your mind later if the menu doesn't look good, but it is much harder to get in a place as the date approaches. I have to say I have not been very impressed with the Spirited Dinners I have attended in the past. While the food was very good in both instances, the bar chefs have a tendency to get very cute and reach too much. Plus the events lack the bonhomie of the wine dinners at NOWFE and instead replace it the serious academic environment of a cigar club in college.

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      I will take all of that into consideration. I am really not into cute drinks and probably would prefer wine with each course and not funky drinks that seem more like shots a Bourbon Street bartender may mix lol. I guess that 85-100 dollars for a 4-6 course meal at the caliber of restaurant that hosts these dinners doesnt seem that unreasonable. I was thinking Bayona or MiLa, but if anyone has any other suggestions I would love to hear them.Thanks.

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        Let me clarify the drink descriptions are often longer than the course descriptions and involve liquors smuggled in on the back of a yak, an extract from the rubber tree, and the essence of patchouli. It can all be rather cerebral and sometimes the flavors just dont work. For instance last year we went to Stella! Wonderful food, but one of the cocktails was a tequila pepper concoction that completely overwhelmed your palate and was like sticking your tongue into a blender.

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          Now that sounds like a lovely cocktail. One would hope that the cocktails would compliment the food and not overwhelm your palate. I guess I will keep my fingers crossed in hopes that the bar chef at Bayona sticks to the classics.